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February 25, 2008


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What's so interesting to me is how I've heard comments to the effect, "Hillary just wants it so badly." As though no other candidate does!

I don't know, I think it's human nature to resist change, but at the same time I want to slap people around (strangers, and just the really stupid ones) and say, "They're just people! Different in looks only!"

Okay, maybe a little smarter than some.

Oooo! I say bring it. I can't wait for us all to face our issues, whatever they may be. The cold war in the US has gone on too long. I love that this race is making us face race and gender issues. Fantastic!

P.S. Please excuse my elided words and typos-- my kid was asking me incessantly about what makes LEDs light up, and what makes electric pianos make noise, and why switches turn on electricity, etc while I was trying to write that comment.

(Anyone know a nanny with a degree in electrical engineering? Heh.)

I think there has been a lot of subtle discrimination against BOTH candidates in the media on the basis of race and gender. It drives me nuts, for instance, when the media has a circus party every time Hillary tears up (especially given they've totally ignored many similar episodes among male candidates, in particular with Edwards, who is a teary moment machine). But, on the flip side, I find the continued obvious astonishment at Barack Obama's accomplishments, and the repeated early attempts to marginalize him (first as the "black people's candidate," then as the "black people and college students' candidate," then as the "black people's, college students', affluent peoples', educated peoples', internet users' and cat owners' candidate, but OMG he is still TOTALLY not going to win, is he?") to betray some entrenched racial stereotyping as well. And I see the media's continued insistence that he is some sort of vacuous dreamer with no accomplishments as a sort of nervous white person's defense strategy as well. (I mean, you don't go to Harvard Law School and become president the Law Review if your head is empty. They don't let you teach Constitutional Law at U. Chicago if your head is empty, either.)

I actually AM a bit surprised that a black man is winning over a white woman in this race. Don't get me wrong-- I believe there is some serious, firmly entrenched casual sexism in our culture that is much more socially acceptable these days than casual racism is.

But, consider this: there are 16 female Senators serving right now. There are also eight women governors currently in office. Yet, there is only ONE African-American governor in office today. And there is only ONE African-American Senator (and his name is Barack Obama.)

If Hillary loses to Obama I won't be convinced that it had anything to do with her gender. I think she can lose regardless.

I'm female. I'm a Democrat. I'm a feminist. I don't much like Hillary. If she got the nomination, I'd vote for her, but I'm in Obama's camp. I truly believe I have closed my eyes to the color and gender of the two and have made my choice based on the individuals.

I think it goes to show what new America is all about, people of different ethnic backgrounds converging on one single country. I don't mind if Obama's gonna win.

Mothergoosemouse and b- I couldn't agree with you more!

What agitates me about the whole thing is that if the white guy wins it's b/c our country isn't ready for a black or woman president. NOT because they liked what the white guy had to say the best.

I'm not voting for McCain, but I don't assume everyone who does is doing so for bigoted reasons.

As another lifelong Republican, I fully expect that this country could elect a black president or a female president. Race and gender aside, these two candidates' ideas resonate with Americans across many spectra.

And while Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly have loud (and obnoxious) voices, they don't speak for me, nor do they speak for all Republicans.

I just think McCain will win- I don't think we're ready for either a black president or a woman president. We can say we are (and some may be) but as a country? I don't think so.

Racism is far less accepted.

It's the reason that you can see the Hilary "Bull Busting" Nutcracker novelty dolls in mall store windows, but you're not likely to see some kind of Obama Ebonics doll (or whatever) so fast.

But I think hell yeah, America is racist. Maybe this nomination will finally get it all out in the open so there can be the proper revolution (and resolution) that's been coming for decades now.

I didn't have to think too long about who I'm voting for. For me, it's Obama simply because he, as others have stated, is the better candidate. I wouldn't vote for Hillary JUST because it's a chance to make history because it's the same with Obama- we've never had a black president either.

Besides I'm way passed my eyeballs in Clinton fatigue. There's been a Bush or Clinton in the White House for the last twenty years. I say let's get over these political dynasties and give change a shot.

I think racism is far more vicious than sexism, and if Obama is the candidate, I think every racist will make sure to come out and vote against him. I think the republicans are counting on it. Hilary doesn't seem so different from McCain, they feel like they come from the same school of moderate politics. It would be really tough to distinguish them - other than really listening to them (what a concept!) But McCain vs Obama? No one needs to listen, it will all be knee-jerk reactions.

My issues with Hillary have less to do with her gender or even her policies than her electibility in the general election. It's not because she's a woman, but because she's this particular woman.

There's too much history there. People will come out of the woodwork to vote against her in November; some because she's a woman, some because she's Bill Clinton's wife, some because she's too liberal, etc.

I have had fairly friendly political debates with a coworker who is at the other end of the political spectrum, and he is gleeful at the thought of Hillary getting the nomination.

It is a topic that no one wants to talk about -- and we should be. Let's not fool ourselves into thinking it's not a factor. I've long been worried about this and am holding my breath about a potential John McCain presidency.

We're not creatures that change overnite. I'm afraid we're not ready for either. I want to be wrong.

It's crazy (in a good way) that you wrote about this today.

What happened to shake up this issue over the weekend and put it in so many heads?

I blogged about it today at my blog and at MOMocrats, Professor J blogged about it, and you, too. I see a few more posts further in my reader that might be on this topic as well.

It's also up at Jake Tapper's blog on ABC News.

I *do* think it's on our minds but I think for the first time we are trying to be mindful of it and make it about the *issues.*

I want to feel hopeful but am too old and cynical for that.

I agree; I think our unconscious biases are affecting it to some degree.

You make a good point, and last week I might have debated with you but after this weekend, I think I concur.

Either way, they should beef up Secret Service, because they both will have targets on their backs if elected. You know, because of that pesky little 2nd Amendment.

That said - I could care less what gender/race/ etc. a candidate is. My question is "Do I agree with the direction they want to take us, and can I respect them?"

All I can say is it would be nice to see someone other than a white, middle-aged man running the country. Our country is a very diverse country, and I don't believe that the 43 presidents this country has had represents the diversity that is our country. And that frustrates me.

I've been thinking and talking to people about this for the last two months. This really is a very exciting election year...history in the making.

Personally, I think that this counrty as a whole, is more likely to elect a black man president over a woman. Afterall, Obama is a MAN, race aside. And, this counrty still tends to take men more seriously, especially in politics. Sexist as it may be.

I do feel that Hillary still has a good chance, though. She's smart, knows what she wants and has experience. I've actually come across alot of men who are planning on voting for her in the primary (my husband included).

But, me...heh... I'm still undecided. I like both of them, but leaning toward Obama. I want my vote to matter, which to me means voting for the candidate that has a better chance of actually being elected. And, like I said before, I think as a whole we're more likely to elect a man over a woman.

I second what Amy said.

I don't particularly like Hillary. It's just a feeling I have about her... her stands blah blah blah, no, I don't like all of those either, but mostly? Mostly I can't picture her in the White House without an incredible chip on her shoulder...

Here's my thoughts...an African American or a woman winning the south? That would never happen? ER.....yes it will, it could and it did. The bottom line is this, those racists and sexists people out there can run their mouths as much as they want, but the bottom line is when they close that curtain, no one has to know how they voted...and obviously there were some southerns who closed the curtain on their sexist and racists attitudes and I couldn't be happier! Although I don't particularly care of Hillary myself, I do know that if I so choose to close that curtain and cast my vote for her, no one ever has to know it!

As a lifelong Republican, I voted Democrat in the WI primary. When I made my decision, race and gender were not factors that swayed me in any way. I weighed the issues of all the candidates (Dem and Rep) and made the choice I thought was best.

Still, I'm being accused of having a gender bias because I chose Obama over Clinton. Honestly, I was tempted to vote for Hillary because she's the first viable woman and I thought it would be historic to vote for her. But that was the only reason. And of course the few people out there would then claim I'm sexist.

I think it's more important to be authentic and think for myself than to worry about what others think. We're all going to vote differently anyway -- we all have different reasons.

But for the Limbaughs and O'Reillys of this country to spin the issue into a case of gender vs. race -- I think it's shameful. Do they really think people will respect their opinions when they say such foolish things?

I think all the conservatives have been sitting quietly, saying, "Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease nominate the unelectable black man/white woman," and once the democrats have chosen a candidate, they're going to come out in full swing, teeth bared, ready to say and do anything to make sure that this country stays stuck in 1800.

This has been the longest election ever. I am already sick of it all, and it's only FEBRUARY! Ack.

Sure - I think some people might think that Obama is a better candidate, but I think that the standards by which Hillary Clinton is being judged are ridiculous. It's the age-old sexist bullshit, where a man is strong and smart and a woman is a bitch.

Heh. I wrote a post about that - I believe my question was "Is the United States ready for a black or woman president/vice-president?"

Sure, Dana. And people can like Hillary just because she's a better candidate than Obama, and not just because she's a woman.

It's more about how either will fair against the GOP candidate in our sexist and racist country.

Is it posiible that folks just thing Obama is a better candidate than Hillary? That it really *is* about the person and not the gender or race? Just sayin' ...

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