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February 10, 2008


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What's up mates, its enormous article on the topic of cultureand fully defined, keep it up all the time.

nice eyes

sorry - you can't get me to think this is a "bad"picture! you are so pretty. i can't believe this is how you look with no effort. cry me a river. :)

You have that I just rolled out of bed and I need my coffee look. I don't have a stache, but I do get those pesky long black hairs on my chin. The are very noticeable and I have to pluck them between waxings....Grr...I'm gonna be too sexy when I'm old I can just see it now! =P

International Symbol for... Wha?

Believe me - my personal grooming (and I'm not talking about facial hair) is so neglected I could make a 70s porn star look like she had a landing strip.

Last night at a Valentine's dinner we were playing a game. The sunday school group was passing out money for various reasons to people to use in a white elephant gift auction.

One of the reasons to be awarded money was if you have a mustache. My husband raised his hand and when they got to our table told them I needed to be awarded also. The thing is he was joking but just that morning I had noticed that it was time to wax again. Needless to say I did some man'stache grooming after the kids went to bed last night.

My 'stache is better than yours! nyah nyah... I guess that's not somethin' to brag about, huh? Except for here in Missishitty...

Kudos to you for posting a pic sans makeup. Of course if I looked that good without makeup, I'd do it, too! You're beautiful!

Sorry, no matter how much you tried to look scruffy, you're still a very attractive woman. I hope you're not too disappointed.

Nice haircut!

I could totally make you look like a model in Photoshop in five minutes, tops, using that shot. Whereas, with me, it would take like 30 minutes. And my face would still look lopsided.

Well, it's one of the secrets of your 30's no one talks about....older = hairier. I'm plucking hair from places no woman should.

That said - you still look good. :)

International symbol for Ghost X-ing.

I like the short hair, by the way.

I was sure this was going to be another Brazilian post.

I'm not sure if I'm entirely disappointed though.

nice try. you're still cute.

Oh, Cheryl's comment stole the moment. Too funny.

Love your haircut. And I bet in black and white, you can't see any shadow whatsoever.

Hee and laughing hard at Cheryl's comment. Heck, you'd run screaming if you saw how I looked right now.

Oh and I created these template obstacles to prevent such postings. I kid, I kid!

The hair on my mustache isn't nearly as bad as the hair on my balls.

Oh dear, I guess I should see someone about those too.

The trick is, no flash. You can hardly see it anyway, hehe. Mine is worse, but you will never have proof.




P.S. loving the hairdo, though, for reals.

International Symbol for I'm fixing to drool now.

love the shorter hair. and as for shadow, lady, you should see my chin.

that's not you- no way....

Ok, I only screamed in fear a teeeeensy bit. Then I snorted cuz you look an awful lot like I do RIGHT NOW.

How is it you look younger in the new photo? What magic do you possess?!

I will, say, that you have a lovely 'stache. Almost as nice as mine, if I do say.

Still gorgeous, sorry.

International symbol for that thing I won't do for my husband but once a year on our anniversary.

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