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January 30, 2008


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I am one of those mommies of a singleton (for now). I am so tired of trying to entertain my child and feeling guilty when I ask him to "just go play in your room so I can get this done". However this weekend my sitter offered to watch him for the entire weekend for us. Let me tell you what, before having him I always knew what to do with my time, now my hubby and I had no clue what to do this weekend. Silence can be golden, however in my case it's lonely!

Yes, my two oldest are upstairs on the computer where I hope they haven't discovered porn or drunk photos of mommy. But, it is so nice when they team up to play together----I know that many don't understand how I can handle three; I feel the same awe over parents of one.

Ah, I loved moments like that (rare as they were)! In my case, it seemed to happen more often as they got older.

OMG, best day of my life when the two older girls actually kept each other entertained for an hour the first time. I was pregnant with #3 and sick as a dog. They played and played, and my oldest came to me on the couch and said, "Mommy, I don't need to play with you anymore because my sister is fun now."

Laughing hysterically at each other & with each other in the car is a beautiful thing, too. K. cracks R. up.

And the fingerpaint on the wall? Classic. Like the time I was at work and K. took a Sharpie to the couch while DH was cooking dinner. (at least he was cooking dinner.)

It's wonderful, isn't it?

Just wait until you hear them say "I wuv you" to each other...and when they don't know you're listening.

Heart. Melt.

I'm sure mine will get to that quiet stage, too. Right now, I can tell when they're playing together, because the only game Cordy plays with her little sister is the "lets shriek at each other and giggle hysterically" game. Pretty easy to spot that one.

"Now you are all ready to flutter," he said to her, as I came around the corner and found he'd dressed her in her fairy wings. Very sweet.

Of course, at other points, I have to pull them apart because they both only want ONE toy and it is that one toy, that stupid little small broken red truck toy that no one likes, except when someone else wants it. And that's what it's like to have a 4 yr old and a near 2 yr old in my house.

It sounds like your house is moving there too. Enjoy! Seriously. The moments of love do actually make the moments of arbitration totally worth it.

this will be the singular regret of only having one, for me.

Its lovely when they reach that point :)
'Pairs' often works very well :)

Yeah, you have to birth those children one-hundred-and-fifty years apart, like Bossy did.

The only thing keeping me sane right now in this cold snap is that I don't have to entertain my kids...they have bonded together and joined forces to drive me crazy.

Oh well.

Beats having to actually, you know, play with them...

Ah yes, the silence.

Kind of funny you posted about this. We don't have a second child. So we have tons of playdates. That way the boy can play Star Wars (for the umpteenth time) with someone who actually wants to me (meaning, NO ME!)\

And... What IS it with little boys and toilets?

Mine are very similar in age to yours, 3 year old girl, son just turned 1 and it is the coolest thing! I went to check on them the other day and the lil' munchkin had dressed Bear in Mickey Mouse ears and a feather boa :) Of course, I had to snap the picture - so do you think in another 10 years he'll be more mad at her for doing that to him, or me for taking the picture :)

This is why I want another one. So one can occupy the other!

That silence terrified me the first time it occurred. Now, although I still check to make sure no one is sticking peas in the cats' ears or other such creative activities, it warms my heart to watch my sons interact.

And this is only the beginning! Whatever ups and downs lie ahead, your kids will always have each other. (I'm an almost 40 year-old only child, so I think about that stuff.)

My brother is two years younger than me. We've almost always been great friends. Now at around 8 he became a royal pain, but until then and again after about 14 we got along great.

It's wonderful, isn't it? I actually prefer to have both Tacy and CJ at home together for that very reason.

I want another! I don't WANT to "come on". I don't WANT to play with play doh! Can you find me one?

aw, cuuute.

I can't wait until WE can be playmates again.

Heh. That oughta up your googleperv traffic...

Delurking here to say I love the blog and your sense of humour.

Personally, I can't wait for the playing together phase... no more endless games of truck/bus/train/fishing for this mommy.

When all three of my kids are home, I don't have to play with them if I don't want to because they play with each other. They do regularly try to murder each other though also. But I'm still glad they have built-in playmates.

And the heavens opened and the angels sang. It is wonderful albeit shortlived.

I'll even take the messy aftermath just to have that peace.

Those times are so sweet. That sibling bond is amazing, and even though they will be screaming at each other stuff like, "You stupid butthole!" in the future, it seems to melt away when you see them play dress-up together.

Of course, in our house, quiet time also means that it's 2 against 1 for a "pretend surgery" where I will later see one of my chirrens turned blood red from being scribbled on with a red PERMANENT MARKER.

Pack them all up--those markers. Kids always find them, no matter how well they're hidden. It's so much fun to "color the baby".

isn't it the greatest? I always feel bad for my friends with singletons - without other kids YOU are the plaything!

yeah for dress-up little brother style! congrats and here's hoping for many more days filled w/ silence :)

oh! i love that! how sweet and miraculous! i know it will happen many many MANY more times in the years to come.

This is funny to me because I just wrote something similar!

Yes, enjoy the playing together while it lasts.

Yay! Thank God for playing together. I no longer fear the silence in the house. I just try to enjoy it while it lasts.

And that pen picture? Before I came to your site, and I am SO GLAD you linked back to it. And the fact that it wasn't even YOUR wall and floor? Classic...

Isn't it lovely when they finally leave you alone and bother each other instead? Just wait...it gets better and better. I'm sure at some point my kids will reach the phase where they hate each other, but I'm praying it doesn't happen for a looooong time.

my guys are a little too young to actually play, but they really enjoy each others company, the big guy brings the baby toys, the baby coo's and laughs for his brother like noone else. i hope they are friends when they are older!

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