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January 08, 2008


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Oh now you've done it. You've gone and alienated all your evangelical readers.

Ha--I guess you get them to learn it any way you can!

My kids can sing my cell phone number to that tune. "0439-431-555 to call my mum".

I was sure that if they ever got lost at the Mall they could just ask a Nice Lady to call me, and we'd be quickly reunited. But the day we got separated (in a crowd of tens of thousands of people) my then five year old was far too distraught to tell them her NAME, let alone to sing my phone number.

(I wonder whose number that is, it must belong to someone).

So, Little Rock's short a digit? I mean, euphemistically speaking.

Kids come up with the zaniest stuff! My youngest has been singing Talk Dirty to Me by Poison for three days. Thank you Guitar Hero!

wow - my daughter has the exact same last digits! what are the odds? (darn your girl cracks me up)

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