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December 08, 2007


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My son once told me that I looked like Bettie Page. I took that as a total compliment and I revel in the fact that no matter what my son thinks I am the most beautiful woman in the entire world!

I'm Mariah Carey in her red santa suit this week. Last week I was Eva Longoria. My neighbors kid thinks I'm Tiger Wood's wife.

This is the best part of having a kid. I'm hotter than ever! (snort)

At least she didn't think you looked like Mrs. Butterworth.

At least she thinks you've got a nice rack. My preschooler points out that mine are droopy.

Well, it looks like you've got next year's Halloween costume!

When I was in college, that was my favorite beer.

So you're daughter's a boob man. As is, apparently your BFF. Hmmm.

I think I'd weep large tears of happiness. I fear my children will say the same thing only while pointing to the little boy on the can of Dutch Boy Paint.

I mean, you know.
Not MINE mine.

Hers, I meant.

No need to get the internet a-buzzing.


And those boobies were ALL MINE.

it's true - i always thought lederhosen was a great look for you.

Wait 'til she's older and you can tell her, "Honey, you once said mommy looked like a German hooker."

Perhaps it was the four mugs of beer you were carrying around? :-P

Long-time lurker, just wanted to say I love your blog and all of your columns!

It was the hair, wasn't it?

Yes, exactly.

I know that my husband would probably enjoy me looking like that. Not so much in the face, maybe, but in other regions. What is it about boobs?

the kids would see someone on tv playing tennis (like venus williams) and point while screaming "look it's uncle andy!!!!!" uncle andy is a pro-tennis player, but he's white and a GUY! =)

kids are sooo awesome.

I mean sorta -I can see it - if I squint and color her hair different..

okay no

I can't i'm sorry little one!! I tried!!

LOL... my son thinks I look like Beyonce in a DirectTV commercial (I'm pregnant, white and about 5'4", so... so not Beyonce!)


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