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December 03, 2007


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Laughing so hard....too funny!

Up until I entered Mirena-land, I used a Diva Cup and loved it. I don't know how you could get it stuck in there or lose it - I ended up cutting off the little bottom tab completely after #2 was born since my cervix was just that much lower (um, yay?). Now I'm just waiting for my periods to decide what they wanna do so I can start using it again (hopefully - I hate panty liners).


Diva Jello Shots.

Good one.

Bill I'm with you on that! But I know what I'm taking with me to my next cocktail party. Diva Jello shots! ;-)

Also, it would be good in the tickle trunk for dressup. Nothing says great costuming like a tutu, a tiara, and a diva cup stuck on your ear.

I'm so glad I'm a guy.

HOLY SHITE batman! that was a great laugh to start my Monday morning!!! (at least you know the cup is sterilized now . . . take a couple more of those and maybe the liquid courage will give you the extra something you need to actually insert it?

Is that a "shot" or a "jigger"?

I always break my shot glasses. I even dropped on down in the disposal. I think I just need to add the DivaCup to the liquor cabinet for accurate measuring of the sauce.

Woman, you aren't right. ;-)

I had written YouTube a scathing letter. I never heard back from them. Sissy bastards.

I have heard nothing but good things about the Diva, but I have yet to venture there either.

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