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December 02, 2007


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I totally get the thing about not liking the way it makes YOU look. My husband is still good friends with a girl he met in college. I've got no problem with the relationship. I know her & like her well enough. Anyway, a couple months ago, she had a milestone birthday and planned a big crazy party including limos and clubbing in NYC (we live in Boston) and spending the night in a hotel. Now I trust my huz entirely, but I told him there was no way in heyell he was leaving me at home with the baby while he partied it up in NYC and I tried hopelessly to explain to all my inlaws that he wasn't around because he was busy drinking and partying and sharing a hotel suite with Cindy (et al.) in NY. Because I didn't like the idea of how that made ME look.

I really thought I was bleeding to death when my period came back after baby #2.

Oh, and having it come back while still exclusively breastfeeding was SO unfair.

The hair loss is unreal. I didn't think I had that much on my head to begin with.

I'm wildly curious about whether your husband reads your posts. I'm thinking, he must. And I'm wondering what kind of effect this has on your relationship - is it helpful, like a kind of online venting/therapy, or is it something else you have to deal with? I'm a writer too and constantly balancing the writing process with the needs/wants/privacy of people I write about. Inquiring minds really want to know.

Kristen, I agree about him telling her to get a freakin LIFE. The time he's spending w/her he should be spending with you.

About the kids/periods/etc. My period has been a real bitch after this baby. I don't know why but omg, the cramps! I feel it coming for 2 weeks, and it sucks, and I'm still nursing every 2 f'ing hours at night and no sleep during the day and w t f.

Do not - I REPEAT - do not consider having a 3rd child yet. LOL I love my baby boy to death, but this one has about killed me LOL

I really hope your husband reads your latest 2 blog entries w/ comments. It might give him a wake up call, if he doesn't get it yet. Sending positive thoughts your way!

I think the fact that you're not struggling with trusting your husband makes your feelings about his stupid girl buddy even more valid. You are absolutely right that he needs to stop her dumbass behavior, or he needs to get you two better acquainted with each other. Tell him that if she is such a good friend, why doesn't she take a week off and come help you with the kids while he's traveling. And when he condescendingly laughs that one off, use your "alone time" to rip out most of the stitches in the seams of his pants and undies, in the crotchal region. Then pack his bag for the week, tell him he was right, you are sorry to be so crazy-possessive, and to have an awesome week. Kiss kiss!

I am so glad you mentioned the hair loss. My son is 8 months this week and I am still losing hair. The after shower comb out is enough to fashion a small hair piece.

I haven't had a period yet but I am also on BC. Guess I have lots of fun stuff to look forward to.

My PP periods came back 8weeks after the birth. So much for breastfeeding delaying periods. Ugh.

I agree with what you said and I most definately think you deserve a day off.

My son is 17 months and my pp periods have been back for 4 months, and they. are. hellish. Night sweats, late night crying, shakey insomnia despite the exhaustion, crazy talk... I told my husband I'm getting knocked up again so I can go back to normal. Heh. The things they don't tell ya.

Yeah. Baby is 16 months, and I have a rather large (golf ball sized) BALD spot above my left eye. Gonna make for some purty Christmas pics! Apparently a thyroid and adrenal "issue" post partum, but can't be addressed until I wean baby. So that means next year... I'm gonna have hair!

No regrets, people. Just clarification.

Don't regret what you said in your last post.
You sounded very truthful and very hurt by your hubby's actions towards you.
And you had EVERY right to feel that way.
He needs to step up and be a husband and father for you and your children and time to leave the little "girl firend" behind, where she belongs for a maaried man and father.

I'm just glad to know I'm not the only one with my hair still falling out like crazy! I did get my thyroid checked, and it was normal. But the hair is still falling out in clumps sometimes.

I sure hope that you're not saying, "That post yesterday? Yeah, I was a wee bit hormonal. Nothing to see here, move along..." because you're above that. You really are.

Your suspicions are valid, hormone level notwithstanding. I think your husband needs to be whacked upside the head with the clue stick - metaphorically speaking, of course.

My hair fell out at such a rate that drain clogs were the least of the problems. I ended up with a little overkill and a few thinning/bald spots. My body doesn't know when to quit! LOL But it did settle down and my hair came back normal, or mostly normal, my curl changed.

But I second the idea to go get a quick thyroid and blood check. It's probably just hormones trying to regulate. It takes a couple of years post-partum and nursing for me.

And I hear you on the effects of hormones.

Here's to next week...less hormones, and more help.

Using My Words

Isn't great when you get your postpartum period and think you will bleed to death? It'll get better.

And someone needs to tell hubby that nothing says I'm sorry for being a shithead like some nice stuffs - and yes I pluralized because it should be more than one thing.

I think my hair fell out at the normal rate, but some moms still find theirs coming out like crazy months later. If it's worrisome, get the old thyroid checked. Not a bad idea anyway postpartum.

You at-home moms have to remember to take care of yourselves. Even though you aren't "tied to the house", you still have to deal with boredom, monotony, feeling like some old undesirable, used-up dishrag. It's enough to make you feel like you have mental problems when you really don't.

I swear when Aunt Flo came back after the #2 kid shot out, I almost thought I was having a miscarriage every time.

With all you have going on in your life, honey, you're holding it together better than most.

Now go get yourself some ice cream, bundle up the kids on the floor with you (or in the chair) and watch a chick flick.

They make paper plates, fish sticks, and juice boxes for a reason.

My periods have just started to calm down and get a bit more 'normal'...and Oliver is two and a half.

Ah, womanhood.

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