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November 03, 2007


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That sounds like an interesting game. I may want to play too.


But what if your titties are no longer balls but rather droopy nets?

As long as she didn't hear that from your FIL...

Funny...where did she come up with that? Also, I did the survey, but I can't find a link to your email!

I would think titty ball would leave bruises.

OMG, I posted about tats today too!

What is the object of titty ball - and are there rules?

Best laugh I've had in weeks--and in such a small package. Thanks.

LMAO! When I got out of the shower this morning my 2 year old son was looking for my willy -- he was running all around me saying, "Girls don't have willy's... Mommy? Do you have a willy?"

I could tell he was trying frantically to figure out how I peed!

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