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November 30, 2007


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I went to high school with Stephanie Schneiderman & her sisters. She's awesome - always has been.

The only children's song I remember from my youth is "How much is that doggie in the window (arf arf)". My grandmother used to sing it to us.

My parents never sang/played kids music for us. My mother raised us on Motown and 50's/60's sock hock music (we'll forgive her for trying to get us to like Ann Murray and Celine) and my father listened to Credence, Bruce Springsteen and country.

I remember knowing all the words to Devil Went Down to GA and Born in the USA when I was 5.

And I turned out NORMAL - I swear!

Ok, I'm a nerd, I admit. I had no idea what noblopomo was. So I clicked on the thing that took me to the dotcom site. I know what it is now, but.....

Holy Crap! There was some naked chick with a dildo in some pictures. Then after that it was somebody with their new baby? WTF?

Ah, thanks! I can't wait to see what I won :)

I am sad I missed the deadline for the PBN on gifts...I had a good one too. Oh well, I'll still post on it sometime before Christmas.

I started violin at 3, Amy, and it was young. At that age, it's mostly informal, however, it can burn kids out.

I'd get him involved in some type of informal music experience (Music Together? Kindermusik?) and then I'd say around 5 is probably fine. It really depends on the kid's attention span and interest in practicing (which is generally the deal breaker for a lot of kids).

Some people recommend around first grade when they can make the choice for themselves.

I think my son has a gift for music. He's not yet three and has memorized the melodies to almost two hundred songs. He can sing the words in perfect pitch and has connected deeply to music. It doesn't surprise me because my mother's a musician. My question to you is this: at what point can I start him on an instrument? I truly believe he has a talent, a gift, but he won't be three until February.

Well, it is nice to know that I am not depriving my kids of children's music. Frankly, I can't stand most of it.

We do have some kid CDs and my daughter listens to them in her room or the playroom, but in the car it is me all the way. I say if the driver ain't happy then we will all die.

Besides, I think it is cute to watch them dance and sing to Ladies' Night. Oh what night!

I love that all of you expose kids to all kinds of music!!! My kids can sing the lyrics to everything from Eric Clapton, Michael Buble', Stevie Wonder, and love to hum along to Chopin.

When their mornings drag, I put on some Earth, Wind & Fire to get them moving faster and IT WORKS AND THEY LOVE IT!!!

When I was in MS (Hattiesburg) working at the nuthouse, there was a music therapist. I think there was a program at USM maybe, but most of the time, places hired you if you had a regular music degree, funny-looking hair and tatoos, and then they just stuck a nametag on you that read "music therapist". You were also the art teacher and maybe even the cook. So sad.

But in a state that's famous for pawn, bait, gun, and jewelry under the same roof, I guess they see an "artsy-fartsy" degree as a one-size-fits-all sort of thing.

I love that DVD too.

Very timely post, once again. Just this morning, I was trying to figure out something I could do for ME in an effort to regain my sanity in the mornings. And as I started to get ready for the day while listening to the baby whine and fuss, I realized that I missed listening to music. Getting Ready music. Way better than Whining Baby.

So I put in Alicia Keys, and not only did I enjoy it, but so did the Pumpkin! After reading this post, I'm completely sold. We will be listening to music I enjoy in the mornings from now on for my sake, and for hers!

Thanks, Kristen!

Yes. The closest program would have been the one I started in Mississippi.

We were hoping to sway some AR folks down our direction -- but even to you guys, Mississippi is a hard sell :)

Geez...where the hell have I been? I had no idea you were a musical therapist! I briefly considered that as a career, but I couldn't find any programs in po-dunk Arkansas, and at the time I wasn't willing to move. So I settled on a BA in History and a Minor in Music. I regret it to this day.

My kiddo loves many different kinds of music...but she does not like me (or anyone) to sing along with it! I'm a big "car singer" and she will just holler at me to "hush Mama!" She does it to everyone, and it really sucks! Some of the songs are really fun to sing along with!

God I love David Gray.

My kids like everything from Johnny Cash to The Beastie Boys and Greenday (radio edit versions of course) to The Beatles. And they like Dan Zanes, and the High School Musical soundtrack. They tolerate David Gray and G Love. Its a varied musical taste in our house. If it rocks, they like it - is pretty much the bottom line.

I'm sure that I new that you were a music therapist. So nice to know. In my life before children, I was a music teacher.

And my kids share my love of music - they LOVE to dance and sing when I play the piano, they love to come home from school sharing a new song and they also enjoy the diverse kinds of music I play in the house.

Mine have gotten lots of exposure just from being around my weirdness since the floating uterine days.

It ranges from Chopin Waltzes and Etudes to Dean Martin to Alice in Chains and Tool around here. The middle one even put Ella Fitzgerald onto her Mp3 player. After Maroon 5, of course.

Now they still like the Hillary Muff-stuff, but they have said it doesn't sound the same as people who can actually play instruments.

It makes a mother proud.

But that purple creature? Never did it. They heard enough of that shit around other people. Besides, why lie to your kid about a world where "everyone loves everyone else" when they will see the reality shortly after and be emotionally devastated? I always thought that beast had a crazy look in his eye anyway.

Now I'm gonna have nightmares about it. Thanks ;-)

My daughter definitely has a varied taste in music. She loves instrumental children's music as well as sing-a-longs. She also loves some jazzy old stuff the her Memaw introduced her too and at last some of the eighties hairband stuff her daddy likes.

Come to think of it I have a very well rounded little girl.

She likes to wear her princess dresses and lip gloss with her rubber boots down to the barn with dad to play in cow poop and feed the animals.

We generally play whatever we listen to for Boog. He seems to really enjoy The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Talking Heads and Cake.

My husband likes to make mixed CDs for his room that he thinks the little man will like. Some go ever well some get no reaction but at least we are exposing him to all sorts of music. Otherwise we'd be stuck with the stuff his grandmother gives us.

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