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October 30, 2007


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My son is a Thomas freak...so we've been checking trains left and right...so far we've been in the clear.

Last year, even before all this lead recall business, I told the in-laws, "Books and DVDs only this Christmas, please," explaining that my son's room was already overflowing with flashy plastic geegaws. (He also already had enough fancy wooden educational toys to run a small pre-school, and enough kid-sized musical instruments to start a one-boy-band, although I bought him a lot of that stuff, so I can't complain, heh.)

It actually mostly worked. I think I'm going with the books and movies theme again this year.

I am an admittedly horrible mother. That said, I'll be buying the things made in China for the older girls that the littlest one won't have access to teeth on.

For the littlest I've already hit Cool Mom Picks for the rainbow babies and will be going back for more awesome ideas. Thanks Cool Mom Picks!

I only have cats and dogs to buy for, but it's even worse. 1. There are very, very few pet toys from anywhere except China and 2. If corporations don't care about what they put in baby toys, imagine what they feel is okay to put in pet toys.

Although on the upside, to be sure, I'm not concerned with either the cats or dog having brain damage that prevents them from making it through grad school--As long as they can find the litter box or pee pad!

We've been lucky with the recalls, so I am not really too concerned about them. My SIL had to send back about half the toys in her house though.

I've given my family members a list of toy choices, including DVDs, puzzles, books and board & card games. My kids are big into Take Along Thomas, which has not yet had a recall and PlayMobil, also not recalled yet. So items of those are on the list as well. I'm buying all the nephews and nieces games or books.

I have no idea what we're going to do. I love the Cool Mom Picks list, but I keep looking through the plushies and finding creatures that I want for myself . . . and that doesn't get us anywhere!

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