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October 10, 2007


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happy anniversary, kristen! and CONGRATULATIONS on the Alpha Mom TV gig! that is awesome!!

So cute it made my boobs hurt.

Ack, fetch me my smelling salts, I saw a nipple. What a cutie!

Oh, my...that sweet half-mast eyelid look of drunken happiness from mommy milk. So sweet!

(P.S. I saw your nipple! You rock.)

I saw your nipple, I saw your nipple ;p Drew is getting so big and such a cutie, too.

I watched the vid at Alpha Mom - You're gorgeous! ;) And Drew's cute, too.

awwwww! so CUTE! and those BIG bright eyes! (*i'd put a video up of nursing, but my two are 7 and 5 . . . and i'm about 99.9% sure the ol' BF DOESN'T want to be of YT boobing . . . or maybe he would - who knows) =)

love those big baby eyes! i posted about breastfeeding but i have to get the fam ready for a wake tonight so no time to post a videa too! maybe i'll do it late-my hubby would love to know my boob is on the net, i'm sure!
also wanted you to know i blogrolled you!

what a cutie! :) my son was totally distracted while we were trying to do a video too. hehe.


Look again my friend.

FULL NIPPLE action :)

Dammit, I wanted to see a nipple. I couldn't see a thing, except an adorable little boy having some mommy chow. Pttthhht.

Awww! I love the part where he grabs the camera!

babies and boobies. awesome!

Cute cute cute! I remember that moment in time when the baby switches from interested in nothing other than nursing to being just fascinated by everything. Too funny that intense gaze at the camera, and the reach to grab. That's why, I think, my kids were power nursers, finished in like two minutes flat. Sure, it gave them gas but they were DONE and could go about getting into everything LOL.

Yes. When the screen goes white --that would be him grabbing LOL

Beautiful. Drew is adorable!

Drew is so cute! Levi would have grabbed the camera and gummed it to death

SOO cute!!!

Awesome! I can't believe Drew didn't try to grab the phone. That was my big problem. :)

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