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October 13, 2007


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At the age of four, my answer is, "the midwife helped you come out." At the age of five, I said that women have a hole by their pee pee hole that gets really big so a baby can come out, then gets little again. At the age of six I bought a book and read it aloud and answered all the questions. I found that if they haven't yet learned that the topic is embarrassing to people, then they aren't embarrassed. If they aren't uncomfortable, neither are you. It was a breeze.

And how they get in? At age four, "the mommy and daddy hug in a special way". At age six we read the book about the real parts and the real deed.

I know I am a bit late on this, but just last week my four year old asked if his little brother came out of my mouth. Ha!

Oh yeah! I had 2 c-sections. I told my son, when he asked how his little brother would get out of my tummy, that there was a zipper and the doctor could take him out. Then I showed him the scar.

He was smart enough to realize it wasn't a "real" zipper, but it satisfied his curiosity!

Look at it this way -- it's easier to answer how they get out than how they get in -- I'm dreading that one!

Too funny.

When I was pregnant with my Drew, I told my toddler I had a baby in my belly. It has been 7 months since he was born. Recently she poked me in the belly saying, "babyyy??" *sigh*

Thankfully we haven't gotten to full questions yet. BUT I JUST recently corrected my husband who is nearly 30, he thought both came out of the same place too. What exactly do they teach in sex ed? Anatomy would be good.

I thought pee and period blood game out of the same hole until I was 12 years old. I hope you don't let your daughter be mislead for that long. That one confused the heck out of me.

"Auntie... why do you need a pad??... why can't you just HOLD your period like I hold my pee in?"

Yeah. I was in for quite a shock.

i told my kids to go talk to auntie sharon...who just showed them her c-section scar. they were so fascinated by that...they forgot to ask me...

I have three daughters, and we always referred to the "girl part" as a "vulva". Not pretty, I know, but better than some stupid made-up name. So when my oldest was 3, she watched a birth (with full-on beaver shot) on Discovery health. She said, "Tiny baby came out her booty?" And I said, "No, it came out of her vulva." And she wasn't freaked out at all. She was pretty fascinated from that point on though and wanted to know about babies, animals and pregnancy, etc.

Then about 6 months later, she asked something else (I forget what) and I told her that women and girls had one opening for pee and another opening for a baby to come out if they were pregnant. One of my friends was age 20 and giving birth to her child and didn't know that.

But it made it easier to build up to all of the other stuff, like periods, sex, condoms, etc. Just gradual info, a little at a time.


What? They don't come from storks?

Oh shit.

Love Bill's answers. And yes, it is incredibly easy to lift my shirt and point to my scar and say, here!

You could just say I pushed and not offer further details. What did you say by the way?

My six year old delights in telling her friends that I pooped on the table when having her sister.

I've been really open about body parts and where babies come out of, etc. but my 4 year old daughter still insists she has a penis.

That's too funny. My sister-in-law and I were just commenting about that the other day...how lucky we were that we can just show them the scar and say "the doctors took him out here!"

Looks like you need a copy of "Third Base Ain't What it Used to Be"!

I read it and loved it!

Ha ha ha! Oh boy, see this is why I have a cat. "Meow" is much easier to say than explaining THAT! :) I'm sure you thought of something creative. :)

Possible answers:
1. "Very carefully."
2. "With the help of lots of drugs." (may or may not apply)
3. "Well that's kind of boring - but let me tell you how he got IN my belly!"

When my 2 1/2 year old daughter asked how her soon-to-be-born brother was going to get out, I panicked, because I couldn't think how to explain that to a little kid, so I started...."well, mommy will go to the hospital and the doctor..." and she blurted out "will take the baby out" and I decided that was the perfect answer.

LOL My older 2 talked about how babies come out. My stepson(5) was c-section as was his little cousin so his mom told him the Dr cut the babies out. I heard him telling this to his sister(3) and for some reason corrected him and said that isn't how all babies come out. He said "oh did you get Ady out like a dog gets puppies out?"
I am still not sure why I shoved my way into that conversation!

What did you tell her?

Heh. I've been able to get away with telling Mimi that she and Rosie came out of my tummy (due to the c-section explanation) until today, when Mimi asked again and in more detail. Sigh...

LOL Heather, even with a c-section some of us got 'roids BEFORE the baby came out! Oh motherhood, how glamorous art thou. hahahaha!

I'm pretty sure saying it came out your va-jayjay won't work either. lol

Yah..much snorting and hilarity with...'WE CAME OUT YOUR BACHINA!????'

LOL! Totally saved me when my son said it! I didn't even have a traditional C, I have a small slit on my side. I was like, "Here! See! You can out of here!"

It was great.

i think my kids thought you pooped a baby out for a while . . . but now that the older one is 7, i can kind of talk about it w/o too much hesitation.

but there is something bizzare about a 7 yo saying "vagina" . . .

Surprise when my son lays on the floor and grunts, saying PUSH! PUSH!! I say what are you doing?!?! He says making a baby come out, I want to be a Daddy... he's my second (and last) child.

Yes but if you had a C-section, then you wouldn't have gotten the 'roids. And we know how glamorous roids are, right? Glamorous!!

my six year old insists that baby Levi climbed out of my armpit or my mouth. Ive shown her the pictures from A child Is Born but it hasnt quite clicked (thankfully cause I REALLY am not ready to actually explain it all)

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