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October 18, 2007


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i hate it when people come online to express their feelings about uggs . i love uggs to death, especially the new mini uggs. for those of you who cannot afford it, STOP critisizing uggs, they are not that ugly, the mini ones are cute!! and for those of us who live in northern canada, or even IN canada, uggs are a must have!plus, they are not thaaat expensive ive had more expensive HAIRCUTS than a pair of mini uggs!

BUT i agree about crocs. eeeewwwwwwwwww! i have nightmares about them still... cruggs are like the frankenstien of crocs and uggs.
i also hate emus. they cost a bit less than uggs but are waaaaay more low quality.

but for those of you who hate uggs... wake up and smell the cofee. colder climates NEED uggs, and are a godsend! for those of you ugg owners in la, WTH??? just because sheepskin breathes, does not mean its time for you l.a-ians to go wear them

sorry if i have offended anybody, but thisis my opinion, and with the experience of the colder climates, i say: i love UGGS! you cant take that away from me!!!!

whew... that was a mouthful. i am now done!!!

to all those that (apparently) can't bear designer names-
maybe you can't afford them so you have to say you don't like them for fashion reasons whatever. when really you dream of walking round wearing uggs, or carrying a gucci bag, or answering your prada phone in public,etc.
its all about status, and if you havent got it, you have to pretend you don't want it.

You know, I have only once seen a pair of UGGs look cute, and I was very surprised. A woman in her early 20's had on a pair of pink UGGs with a very short pair of shorts and a little tee. Very so cal and yet, for some reason, I'm telling you she actually looked good. Other than that, yuk!

oh thank God i'm not the only one who thinks they're butt-fugly!

Good lord, people. Get over yourselves.

OMG, someone else who despises Uggs!! Even more hideous than the ones for adults are the ones for children, because we're so incredibly materialistic we must outfit our children in designerwear too!

Uggs are hideous. Crocs are hideous. The fact that they seem to have been at it like rabbits makes me despair.

Two thoughts:
1) My mother loves her Uggs because they are warm. She wears them around the backyard in the snow to feed the birds.

2) The Flavor of Love: Charm School (Starring Mo'Nique) Girls love Uggs.

I am so glad that I am not the only person who hates UGGS...or who hates crocs for that matter!

Yep, I've seen EVERYONE in Uggs lately in here LA. The weather just turned a tiny bit cold and out come the Uggs in full force, the perfectly positioned scarf and sometimes even a hand knit hat. You'll be happy to know I'm still wearing flip-flops and will until...well...hell freezes over.



and ps- crocs are beyond fug. like they are the poster child for fug.

i love uggs. have since HIGH SCHOOL dammit. i laugh at how popular they are now, when i've literally had mine for like 20 years. next tim ei see you, i'm going to wear a pair on my feet and my hands

OMG Cruggs! Those are the essence of terrible! :( Cruggs make baby jesus cry.

Rofl! I had no idea they were made of sheep skin. Not that I was going to contaminate my household with a pair anyway.

Yeah, I agree with House Frau. Here in the urban Midwest those Uggs are so yesterday's news. A fad all the smart people have already ditched.

We are also resisting the skinny jeans trend here. They have infiltrated the stores, but we are holding them at bay, clinging to our flattering boot cut jeans with all our might . . .

Sometimes, it pays to live in a town that is not on the bleeding edge of fashion.

I wore them in college. That'd be 20 years ago (so they are not exactly a new thing). I still have them. They are warm & comfy when there is snow on the ground & I am out playing with the kids, in my snowpants and winter coat.

I cannot imagine chosing to wear them at any other time, with any other clothing. Certainly not with a mini skirt

I have cousins in the 18-21 age group and they all have UGGs and wear them with teeny, tiny skirts. I just don't get it. My DF's sis got a pair of uggs last winter and paid a few hundred for em..... Why God, Why!!!!!!

oh they are so awful!!! im not sure which i loathe more...the crocs or the uggs.

probably the crocs. but the uggs...ARE HIDEOUS!!!

I've never understood uggs. I don't think I've seen an outfit yet that they go with. Besides, my feet like to suffer for fashion. It's more fun that way. No comfy boots for me! :)

Bossy's teenager does the opposite and wears flip-flops until his toes fall off. Problem?

OMG I am amazed by the college girls that frequent this town in the dead of winter wearing not much fabric than a cocktail napkin all for the sake of being cute.

I've always found that a nice sweater and good jeans and quite cute when it's 30 degrees outside. Not only that but it seems it would be hard to pick up some frat guy if your teeth won't stop chattering.

My daughter just reminded me a few days ago that the Santa we visit for our annual "Kids With Santa" pictures wears CROCS. I had forgotten, so I pulled out last year's picture and sure enough...there he was in his red crocs. Maybe I should suggest he "upgrade" to a nice pair of Cruggs. Since we live in the middle of snow country!

Amen. I swear I live in the Uggs and Crocs capital of the world.

If everyone on the planet stopped wearing Uggs, Crocs, baggy jeans, day-glo, visible thongs, backwards baseball caps, and Birkenstocks, the world would be a much better place.

Hanging head in shame, I own a pair of Uggs, but they are not the ones that everyone is wearing. Doesn't excuse them, but whatever.

Oh lord, the bastard child of Uggs and Crocs is even more hideous than it's parents!


In lieu of the t-shirt you still owe me, I will accept participation in the meme at:



What happens when and Ugg and a Croc breed? Does it make a pair of Cruggs?

I didn't know people still wore UGG boots, they are like, so 3 years ago!

Crocs are cute on little kids. Our preschool has banned them because they fall off when kids run in them.

I am pleased to say that on this one, you and I are of like mind.

Altho those Crocs are kinda cute ...

I think those UGGs are horrible too. Glad I'm not the only one.

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