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September 03, 2007


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My son was finding his penis every night with expert strokage skills.. WTF.. Is this when it all starts? 6?

Oh man, that's the only bath toy my son needs these days. It's sort of funny and the husband and I often go "wow, really? that sooo looks like it would hurt"

My mother was giving Booger his baths this weekend and she noticed what he was doing and thought it was funny that I said, don't make him feel bad, it's not dirty.

I remember the boys being very young and stretching their foreskin to it's limit (*ouch*) but never cared. Now my younger boy Jon is 2 and a half and in "Jacques-speak" says "Mine-Neenus, mommy" or while potty training now if he can't go it's "Mommy, my neenus no working, it bowkin" ahhh but you never forget the first time.

Hubbers didn't seem to think it was as funny as I did - that's a man for ya...

HAhahahaha. Little Man just found his this weekend, too.

Sorry I haven't responded to your comment -- I haven't figured out how exactly to do that yet! Newbie, heh. This week I added nuts back to the diet, oh yeah.

Hope you are settling in well. :)

Just when you really wish your MIL were around to make a comment, too.

So many penis stories with two little boys.

My favorite is probably that RC was holding his *in the ultrasound picture*.

How proud was the huz when you told him?

When I told my husband that our son found his penis be just smiled really big and told me how proud he was that he finally discovered his lifelong best friend.

Did the sky open up, a bunch of angels with trumpets emerge on clouds singing "hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah"? Because I'm pretty sure that is what happened when my nephew found his handle.

Yup. Reason number 491 why I'm glad I have a girl.

Wait until he proudly tells you what he named it!


My youngest (two next week) proudly stands on the changing table, firmly takes hold, looks earnestly at me... "MY PENIS, MINE, MY PEEE-NIS"

We are so proud.

heheh ... oh, there are days I'm glad to have a girl!

Heh. Melissa -- actually, it was kind of cute.

Give him a few years and I imagine I'll be running away.


He'll know where it is at ALL times now, even if he can't find his shoes, his homework, etc.

It's funny how it works that way. :)

My sister tells a story of her nephew who got caught playing with himself, & not in private. The boy was 4, I think. His father said to him, "Son, I know it feels good sometimes." The son interrupted his father to say "No, daddy. It feels good all of the time."

Truer words could not be spoken by a man, I think.

Ah yes. Jackson pulls his, while giggling, to lengths that look utterly painful.

The penis. It brings joy to the people.

Oh, this makes me laugh. I don't know why...I just think it's cute that he stopped crying after that. :)

My kid has yet to do that. Did it freak you out?

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