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September 08, 2007


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I took my first personal loans when I was 25 and this aided me very much. However, I need the car loan again.

That's funny! I think I have the ONLY KIDS in the world that would pick Salmon over Chicken Nuggets or Mac & Cheese! I want a "quick" meal for them, they want healthy!

I should have known something was wrong when I was the only one in McDonalds saying, "No, you cannot have any more apples (dippers but without the dip) until you finish your fries!"

I know, there's no pleasing some!

They don't know to quit while they're ahead, do they?

are you sure she didn't mean, "i like fish, cracker!"?

just wondering . . . =)

Heh. I love fish crackers =] I tagged you for a meme on my blog =]

GOLD Fish Crackers??

For us it's grapes. Just grapes...

Sounds familiar. In our house, fish ... crackers is often the ONLY food group.

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