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September 24, 2007


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Round these here parts, sign holders where clown costumes so that not only do we ignore the sign, pity the employee but go home to have nightmares about the creepy clown that was leering at us while we were waiting for the light to change.

Good times.

And thanks. Before I was only worried about keeping my daughter off the pole and out of the back seat.

Turns out I need to worry about Hef and the clown costumes too...

Hate to break it to you, Kristen.


They are all over Toledo. I just don't get it. I'm completely with you—stick a sign in the ground.

I couldn't help but post how it's apparently done in Toledo. Bubba, shakin a sign in Ohio. You can't make this shit up.


I honestly don't want my kids to grow up to be politicians.

And those sign holders freak me out too - but I never saw one with a pee jug. That's just gross.

Have you seen the new sign holders? The one's that twirl and flip and do gymnastic type moves while holding the signs?

Yes, the sign holders make me sad, too.

(Kristen -- congrats on the .net?? Is that new??)

In NY the sign holders are actually flyer passer-outers and generally immigrants. So when I'm carrying a baby and a laptop and sixteen pounds of crap and someone tries to hand me a flyer for a $4 manicure (must be a good one!) I want to get mad but then I realize they're just doing what they can do. Under the table. Illegally. God love 'em.

If my daughters grow up to work in any way shape or form for the GOP I will be devastated. I'd much prefer Hef's 14th girlfriend than Ann Coulter's 14th publicist.

Ugh those sign-holders. Sad. I've seen them out in MN on VERY cold days. No money is worth that. Seriously, I'd rather work at BK...at least I'd be warm.

Some towns have ordinances that prohibit temporary signs alongside roads, etc. The businesses get around this by having a person hold the sign. Because that looks so much classier! Right?

Oh, sign holders! They make me so sad too!

And, if my daughter is on ANY MTV or VH1 reality show (from Rock of Love to Real World to I Love NY), I will weep big unhappy tears of failure.

Personally, I'd be so disappointed if my sons could find nothing better to do with their lives than becoming POTUS... or actually, going into politics in general. I want them to feel challenged, successful and fullfilled in their work life. If twirling a sign does that for them (gulp) then... oh, who am I kidding. I'd be a total failure as a parent!

I honk at them, too. I say that I "just want my kids to be happy." But really, I want them to be happy with graduate degrees, six figure incomes, and jobs that change the world for the better. That's all.

I just saw the Girls Next Door for the first time this weekend. Frightening. Truly frightening.

If it's just a teenager with an ipod, as one commenter mentioned, I don't feel bad. But when it's an adult, especially one dressed as a freakish clown or something, then I do feel very sorry for them. It seems like the kind of job people slit their wrists after doing for a week or two.

I've always thought to myself that sign holding and passing out flyers on the corner has got to be the most degrading job. That, and being a cocktail waitress in Vegas. I really hope my daughter never ends up there.

Out here they are mostly teenagers, so I don't feel so bad. Plus they generally have an Ipod on, so I know they're not poor.

When I have kids, I just hope they don't grow up politicians, priests or strippers. Anything else, I guess I'll deal with.

Bossy honks at those sign peeps.

I doubt anybody who is a sign holder (at least in this country... can't speak to the person that mentioned it being lucrative in Japan) is on a "career track" or to say the least, something has gone seriously wrong if it is.

On the other hand, I give them credit for doing something, ANYTHING rather than just giving up and feeding off the system. If nothing else they are trying.

Would I want my daughter to do that? Of course not. But then again, there is plenty I do not wish to see her do... any job that requires a paper hat, or ask "do you want fries with that", or be an "actor" at an amusement park (very similar to the "costumed" sign holders you mentioned) or a cleaning lady, and of course, as Chris Rock put it so well, my one job in life is to "keep my baby off the pole."

By themselves there is nothing wrong with any of these "professions" and I know people that do each of these jobs, but I certainly hope the future holds a lot more potential than that for my little angel (as I am sure every parent does).

I was told by a sign holder who is a friend of my BF's that it is one of the few jobs you can get after a felony conviction- he was caught embezzling, and companies that might hire convicted felons won't touch him. So he holds signs and does day labor and tries really, really hard to make money legally.

I honestly hope my sons' never, ever become security guards. Cops are fine, but security guard is a "putting yourself through school" kind of job. Next on the list is convenience store clerk. My oldest is named after a dear friend that was murdered just doing his job.

Oh, I'm with you. Those sign-holders totally depress me!! One of the worst jobs ever.

I couldn't agree more. The two sign holders that come to mind (not including the plethora of ones asking for hand-outs) are one for a builder and one for a hair cutting place.

The guy that holds up the builder's sign stands in one place all day long. I think the last time I saw him, he had on one of those umbrella-type hats.

The one holding the sign for the hair cutting place wears a baseball cap. Nice advertising there, unmentioned hair cutting business. 'Come to our fine hair cutting establishment. You'll be so happy with your hair cut, that you'll have to wear a hat until it grows out!'


Seriously though. I feel so sorry for those guys. They have to stand out there in the heat all day long and probably just get a few bucks at the end of their day. And for all that, I'm sure no one actually goes to those places they advertise solely based on the guy holding the sign.

We have a guy (Yes a guy) that dresses up as the Statue of Liberty and dances around for some accounting firm... heaven forbid I ever get that broke.

I want none of my kids to become politicians... although the little buggers already can lie with a smile just like one. The buggers.

Kyle told me that sign twirling is serious business in Japan - that people can take courses and make a really decent living doing it. Maybe the US sign twirlers are just trying to earn enough to move to Japan.

Sign holders just look so sad, I like to think that they are homeless at least getting a few bucks to buy their next meal (or cigs or Jack)... costumes can sometimes be worse.... we have a Sonic (drive-in fast food, delicously greasy) by my office where a man stands in a hot dog suit and dances. Every single afternoon, no matter the heat. He really gets down too and it's sad.. sad.. sad..

"one legal profession" ha, ha, ha

I feel even worse for the ones in costumes where you can still see their faces. They must have no friends.

I don't want my girls to grow up to be telemarketers.

I have to admit that those poor unfortunate souls do, sometimes, guilt me into looking around at whatever they're advertising. A case in point would be, um, yesterday. My husband and I have already figured out where we are buying a house and everything, but on our way up to that area yesterday, we saw a man on a corner dancing with a sign for condos. Actually, we see him all the time standing there and he's usually dancing but this time he didn't start dancing until he saw us looking at him. Then he started really getting his groove on, so we took a detour and when we filled out the forms, we told the people that we'd seen the sign guy dancing around out there and what a fine job he was doing of it.

So yeah, totally guilted in.

Actually, I think sign holders are a result of city/town/village ordinances against signs posted in the ground or on telephone poles. This is how they get around it.

That said, I would much rather my son be in playgirl than holding a sign. I'd actually be kind of proud.

Signs should be stuck in the ground - fact.

I really feel for those people who have to hold them in the street.

Food askers is a whole other story.

And yes, facebook is deactivated!

I always wondered what they paid those sign holders, and then one of my friend who ran a used car dealership that does their own financing told me that the people who don't make their car payments can work it off by being the sign holder. That just CRACKED ME UP. I'd much rather just make my car payment!

Sign holders make me giggle. Except for the ones who are asking for food and that makes me sad.

I haven't put much thought into what I don't want the boys to grow up to be. Hell, I'll be happy just to get Payton to adulthood. The rest is up to him.

I agree this Facebook thing sucks. I posted on it too. But have you taken down your profile? I haven't yet...

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