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August 04, 2007


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My son's butt is awfully happy too, every day about 20 times at least! He has "happy" contests with himself.. lol..

I could use a happy butt. A happy skinny butt would be really nice.

Cutie. We heart the Kan-do wipes for stink-free scent.

My butt used to be happy, too. I thought pushing out a 5lb preemie would save me from some butt unhappiness, but alas....

At least it's not stinky!
(Thank you, Cottonelle wipes! heheh)

That is freaking adorable!

Boy 2's butt is happiest when it *is* stinky.

His butt, unfortunately, is happy a lot.

My butt hasn't been happy for a loooong time.

She must have been talking to my husband. His butt is a little happy too.

Even if my nose is not.

My butt would be happy too if I could fart on cue without soiling myself like some little people I know.

How about the next day?

She said it wasn't stinky...



My butt used to be polished as well.

Hey, I sing when I am happy. I can see where the same might apply to butts.

LOL..the cutest!

Here's to having a happy butt.

Awww...she says the cutest things!

LOL... I just love kids sometimes!

I love that the opposite of stinky is happy. We should all be happy. Especially on the subway in August.

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