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August 18, 2007


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I'm Raffi sick. As in, IF-I-HEAR-THE-LINE-ALL-I-EVER-NEED-IS-A-SONG-IN-MAH-HEARRRRT one more time, I'm gonna be. Sick, that is.

ok, I just shot diet coke out of my nose...that is hilarious!

I'm potty training sick. You think it would be easier after three others? Nah...

I'm money sick, sick of never having enough of it! I think someone's been stealing from the money tree in my backyard again..

If I have to wipe another butt other than my own one more time.....I won't tell ya what kinda sick I'm gonna be.

My almost five year old was outside in the tent with my husband, as they had planned to rough it in the backyard for the night. After being out there for about 15 minutes, he called me on the walkie talkie to tell me he had to come in as he was about to be "outdoor sick."

A few months ago Jack told me that he couldn't get his shorts on because he was too tired to lift his legs.

Oh the drama!

LOL Where do kids come up with this stuff?!

So she has your sense of humor, then? ;)


I feel your pain.

*retreats to piles of boxes*

Oh...I'm definitely "move sick". (Drove 15 hours to get to our new house. Moving in today.)

Ooooh. Maybe I can't do the dishes anymore. I'll get dish sick.

Your kid's a genius.

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