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August 28, 2007


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How embarrassing is it when your mom makes you WALK to the grocery store because she lost her license after the last D.U.I arrest?

Embarrassing enough to make you cover your sorry ass with a hoodie when it's hotter 'n hell.

Oh, and the bike? It is his first which he just snagged from outside the grocery store but he doesn't know how to ride it yet.

(fifth generation Georgian, on both sides, here)

Oh I'm an expert!

He had some fresh mait at home! And had to have some fresh bread to go with it.

That's why.

Worship my genius.

Let me get this...you are trying to understand us Georgians? Bawahahahaha!!!!

Hmm, I've seen odder things done by teens in the interest of masking zits...


Little Black Riding Hood?

You people are friggin' hilarious!! This kid doesn't even know he's the source of the only belly laugh I've had all day--my Rocky Mountain High...if you will.

DF -

Well, here in the shade it's about 4000 degrees.

Just sayin...

The black hoodie is ALWAYS appropriate here in the NY Metro area, so, what's the problem?

Chag- The Unabaker? Screams!

Perhaps he is a wrestler trying to cut weight and plans to eat only that bread for the week. Those Southern boys take their high school sports SERIOUSLY.

erm...i think that was my brother...

Oh, that's Little Black Riding Hood, taking a loaf to Granny.

Is it sad that that doesn't seem all that unusual? Is it a sign that I've lived in the South all my life?

Really, probably wouldn't even have noticed him. Except maybe to think, "good grief, I bet that idiot is hot"

Now I'm just thinking of the John Denver song.

Which reminds me, at least you didn't move to West Virginia.

Well, I know when I'm hot and sweaty after exercising on my bike what I crave is dry bread.

Chag -- HA.

Listen, I lived in inner city Atlanta for 4 years or so and I"m here to tell you...those folks will walk to the store for one piece of gum, if they actually have a bike, whether they ride or push, they figure they can bring home a full weeks stash of grocieries that way. I couldn't even walk up the street to a hair appointment. Those people are freakin' walk-aholics. (That could have read one crack rock instead of one piece of gum where I lived.)

The UnaBaker?

Clearly, he is going to the nearest convince store to deal some deli meat and cheese for the biggest hoagie, or Po-Boy, known to the state of Georgia.

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