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August 05, 2007


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Oh my goodness. Now that's totally giggle worthy!

It's a turd, people.

You? Competitive? I have to say I know nothing about what that must be like... ;)

prescott -

okay. now that is funny.

Is that Lance Armstrong? The one nut and the yellow jersey is a dead giveaway.

it's a uniballer! ;)


You ladies have some very smart daughters.

When Dawson draws, it's a bunch of circles that he calls "moons". Maybe he is drawing asses after all. Hmmm.

That is *superb*

how on earth are our children supposed to compete with that?



Foiled again.

Wow. A black bum bum sounds (and looks) uncomfortable. My daughter spent a good year drawing boobs on all of her drawings. I'll have to did up the scan I have of Boobieman....the snowman with a rack.

I cannot type all the different things that are running through my mind right now, lest you think I'm a perv (which I am). Dat's one big ball tho'.

There is something so terribly wrong with you.


That kid is just taking a dump.

Yeah like we're supposed to believe a three year-old really knows what a bumbum is.

Stop drawing your kid's pictures and signing her name, Kristen.

Ah, nothing like a little lewdness among children.


These are cracking me up!

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