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August 13, 2007


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All people deserve wealthy life time and mortgage loans or commercial loan can make it much better. Just because freedom bases on money.

Food, clothing and shelter are one thing, but no girl can live without TV!

The thing is, you can always get a TV.

But rude kitchen danging of womanly unmentionables is forever.

Speaking of the grands, my parents for the first time in their 73 yr. old lives went out on a limb and purchased this incredible high def. t.v. the picture is so clear, I can see the newscaster's pores.. I'll have to admit, I'm jealous and my son called to go over and watch his movies, because their t.v. is now according to Brandon,so much cooler then ours..

LOL You just can't win, can ya? lol

The power of a Dora show is INCREDIBLE.

Of course the kids miss the in-laws' TV.

Just like your FIL is missing any future opportunity of witnessing real, live nudity in the guest bedroom.

Sorry. Couldn't resist. Your story of that ... encounter? ... continues to alternately amuse and terrify me.

So glad to hear you made it to your new place! You must be so relieved. Can't wait to see pictures! Good luck!

Glad you made it outta there alive! Who needs the tv anyway (did I just say that?).

Have fun moving in!!!

I'm sorry but

That just made me laugh. Priorities there. :)

Ahhh the important things in life. Smart girl.

How does it feel to be free?

Last night after we came home from a party my son did not want to leave, he wailed woefully that our house was broken.

When I asked why our house was broken, he said it was because we didn't have a big enough TV.

(The house we'd been at had a nice bigscreen.)

Because no matter how little they feed you, you can always watch TV.

From the mouths of babes...

No TV?!? That has to suck for the whole family. good luck with that.

I got the book (and the goodies you included)! Thank you so much!

Stop being so mean. Be wicked!

I suppose even crazy assholes have their uses, huh?

At least they are seeing them for what they are- working electronics!

I love a girl who has her priorities straight.

(Glad you're all arrived safe and sound!!! xoxo)

Poor Q. And poor mom and dad. Good luck with all the unpacking! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that the cable guy shows up soon if you keep yours crossed for me that I go into labor today!

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