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July 30, 2007


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I am all prepared to buy the cone just as soon as you tell us if it is worth it!

I'm all prepared to buy the cone just as soon as you tell us if it's worth it!

Oh, congrats on the house! That rocks!

You're so considerate. I wonder if you'll get a thank you note from O'Hare. That would be the right thing to do.

No wayI would've given that baby up. (and by baby, I mean the toy.)

Sometimes it's just best to toss the whole shebang, don't ya think? (My son is a coupla weeks older than yours, and he's made some real doozies! All the way up the back and up to the shoulders, now that was a classic! Or how 'bout the one that mysteriously missed all the diaper but got his entire leg and pants? Oh, the joys.)

Have fun with the Cone! Can't wait to hear all about it. ;)

Ack, moving. Hate it. Just stay there in Hotlanta and let the stuff come to you.

I had a dream about that cone.

Dammit. Where the hell is my husband when you need him? Fack.

Hope you and the babe made it home safe and sound. And you weren't too tired to not give the toy a, um, spin.

Wink, wink.

The Cone. Hmmm. Have to see if the wife might like that.

Welcome back to the South although you will still be way further south than me. ;)

Yea! A house!

It was so fun to meet you in person! I was going to stay for the unconference, but missed my babies so bad that I high-tailed it back home. I met a person on one of my flights who had JUST MANAGED TO GET ON A PLANE after the big cancellation-fest that caused you to love on a Ford Focus for 5.5 hours! I couldn't believe it!

Best of luck to you in your move to Atlanta!

welcome to atlanta baby.


glad they didn't request that you demonstrate the purpose of the object.

it was awesome to finally meet you, sweets. that baby. yum.

and thanks for the lollies. although I have to confess to trying to eat them on more than one drunken occasion this weekend.

p.s. good luck! with the house move. you need it. wish I could lend a hand. :)

Just find an empty bathroom stall and um...unwind.

Dude, Atlanta's airport is the 7th circle of hell, I truly believe. My inlaws got stuck there for 8 house yesterday, after missing a connection and being bumped from two more. And yet, I keep having to point out why I wanted to drive to California for our vacation, not fly. Duh.

You got that at BlogHer? I left WAY too soon.

Kristen, I had no idea you were going straight from BlogHer to Atlanta- whew! Thanks for the chat at the Children's Museum party, and for the Clean Well samples- that stuff is fantastic, you weren't kidding. But the Cone, now that is a product that warrants closer inspection. Don't you think we need to review it for Parent Bloggers Network? ;)

I can't believe you got messed up again by the airlines and the weather. It was great to meet you. Can I tag along when you meet Paige? ;)

So...the whole Mominatrix Blog Talk Radio thing did NOT go over well with my husband. I had to tell him that I was drunk and very open to telling you all about our sexcapades. I don't think he's buying it.

And I've decided to buy this cone thing that everyone is talking about; just because I'm afraid of it and intrigued all at the same time.

But $115? I can't afford that. At least not now, right after blogher!

Um, yeah, that's why I checked my suitcase on the way home. But I had a direct flight & a bats chance in hell of my bag actually making it with me.

Hmmm... did you get that AT Blogher or were you taking it with you ;o)

I'm going to be in the ATL August 9-14. Don't know if you'll be there yet or in transit, but if you need a hand, let me know.

PS - Got the box of goodies yesterday. Thanks SO much!

Can't wait to hear your review of the toy.

It was a pleasure meeting you.

If you are truly trapped, we could come rescue you. We have an infant car seat and everything. Though with your cone, you're probably all set!

P.S. Paige, we're in the ATL, too!

So why exactly do you have to be home to use it? Sounds like the perfect toy to help remove stress while trying to sign home owners paper work. ;)


Email me. I need to know where you're living and when we can meet for a drink.


Good luck with your move!

And the cone! Wow, I need to learn some more about his "toy".

Ha! I love it. And hooray for homeownership!

Congrats on the new home!!! Welcome back to the south, may your time here be less mentally draining then last time.

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