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July 03, 2007


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Hello! Do you use Twitter? I'd like to follow you if that would be ok. I'm definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

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I hope you grow to love the ATL as much as I did. And hey, at least we can get together when I visit our friends and family there.
There's GREAT shopping and lots of kid friendly stuff to do. Seriously if it were on the water, we'd still live there.

Okay, this is weird but I'm delurking to tell you: HEY! I live in Atlanta! I will totally babysit your children while you have uninterrupted sex somewhere else!

CONGRATULATIONS! What wonderful news for you guys! I lived in Atlanta for a couple years and LOVED IT. Totally loved it. Was heartbroken to leave. Hope you like it too!

Congrats. Atlanta is AWESOME.

Hmm. Atlanta is much, much further from Toronto than is PA. (Pouts.)

Still, am happy that you'll still have your bras.

Wow! He bought a house that was sight unseen for you? Bold.

I look forward to hearing all about it...

Here's hoping you fall in love with the house!

Good luck with the move!

congratulations on the new house. How exciting for you!!!! I'll miss the in-law stories, but i guess it's not about me :-P

Wooo Congratulations! May your stuff and your plane get there quickly and safely.

And as to buying the house sight unseen? I'd be pissed, except I bought this house while BDF was in San Fran for 3 weeks, so he didn't see it, and I can understand the circumstance may arise. You did at least talk about it on the phone, right? Right?


What can I say?

I'm not so adult.

[throws self on ground and pounds fists and feet while sobbing uncontrollably]

WOOOOO HOOOOO!! Although, I will totally miss the father-in-law stories. Selfish of me, I know.

Congratulations on the house!!

OK, the other option was Arkansas, right?

I promise, as fond as I am of my adopted state, you are moving to a positively cosmopolitan metropolis.

And hey, no more interupted marital relations ... or horrible FIL jokes.

Pack. Now.

Straight to the heart of the Dirty South. LOL. I look forward to some good blogging in your future.

Btw, the Atlanta girls aren't the *only* bloggers down here ya know! ;) Southeast blog meet anyone??

I was just thinking today how nice it is out here. Never thought I'd feel so at home so far from "home", but it happens. I think you made a wise choice.

That's very very exciting! I'm so happy for you. I've never been to Atlanta. But I hear it's lovely.

And, really, there is never ever a good reason for a father-in-law to make a sex joke.

Allison Krauss does a song called "Oh, Atlanta"...you should look it up.

You'll love Atlanta. And don't forget Fat Matt's on Piedmont!

Oh, I miss Atlanta.

Congratulations on the new house!!!

I hear Hot-lanta is awesome. And I am jealous that you and Oh, The Joys will be neighbors.

Congratulations, Kristen. I really hope this is the start of a new era for you guys.


well, yippee kai o!

we will finally get to meet.

but so help me god, don't ever say i didn't done told you so.

welcome to the Atlanta where the players play. and we ride on them things like ev-er-y day!

i'll email you my number. call me.

Welcome back to the South....where subtle back-stabbing and feigned pleasantries are a way of life.

Congrats on your new home and new place to live. I'm sure you'll have fun...and your sanity back in no time. :)

Congratulations on the soon to be FAR-FAR-AWAYdom of escaping the 'laws.

We just bought a house in Philly last week.

Son of a bitch.

When are you moving? We're still here until the end of September. We decided to stay through all of the sweaty months. That way, we can just throw out all of our clothes when we move and buy new ones once we get back up north!

Where abouts is your new house? You'll like it here. We would have probably stayed a lot longer if we had more than 2 months to decide.

Oh, and I nominated you as a Rockin' Girl Blogger!


Ooh, and welcome back to the South again! You just can't stay away, can you?

Congrats on the new house! I'll reiterate your sentiments with "It's about time!"

This is great news for your huz, kids and your sanity! Do you have any sanity left?

Eh, you'll be back. Sure it's like $4 to buy a mansion down there and the people are nice and the Coke is abundant and it doesn't freeze all winter and...wait. Maybe you won't be back. Rats.

You? Atlanta? Really? When? Where in Atlanta? When do we meet up?

Get your people with mine and we'll do that thang...


No, no no! You can't leave the greater Philly area! (Sigh...at least I got to meet you once. It will have to sustain me for the rest of my existence.)

Seriously though, congrats on the new house. Now you can leave bras hanging and use whatever the fuck spatula you want and booty-shake with your husband without fear of being caught ass-in-air. Good news for everyone but us mid-atlantic folks. We'll be sorry to see you go, but wishing you well!

Um, you guys can quit comparing Atlanta to Mississippi.

It's like bragging that you beat your grandmother in a foot race. Go, you. Not much competition, though, was she?

Atlanta never sounded so sweet. Congrats to you. (finally) dude.

Remember that even thought Atlanta is in the South, it's really a city of Northern, Eastern transplants. You'll meet some cool people. Lucky duck!

Woo-hoo! Congratulations on having an escape route! I was going to echo what jaelithe said, because my now husband bought a house without my input, despite my beggings and threats. But it's worked out okay, and after what you said about weighing the pros and cons, I'm totally with ya!

Not to mention your fil's gall.

Trust me Atlanta is way different from Mississippi. Welcome to Georgia, it's not such a bad place to live as long as you're north of Macon. :) Maybe we'll see you at Baby Loves Disco in September.

If you're gonna live south of Mason-Dixon, Atlanta is probably the place to be -- congrats!

Atlanta is great!! Way better than Ole Miss and the In Laws!! I am in Georgia too! I would love to come to a Mommy Blogger Happening in ATL, ya know, if you'll have me =)

Eh, we all know you're just going there because it's better blog fodder than the east coast ;)

(And, you husband put a house under contract without your seeing it first? WTF? It wouldn't have been Moms Gone Wild for me-- it would have been Instant Divorcee Gone Nuclear. But, congrats on escaping the in-laws!)

Best of luck in your new home...at this point, ANYWHERE would be an improvement!

Well YEE-HAW! I'm thrilled for you. I currently live in a house that I owned before ever setting foot in it -- and I love it. Here's hoping the same for you.

Congratulations on the house, and on the move! I am sure that it will be great for all of you.

Congrats on your new house! Atlanta doesn't seem so bad. Especially compared to those in-laws....

They have a pretty rockin' symphony down there, if my violist mind remembers. See what alto clef can do to a person?

Congratulations on landing a new home away from the in-laws!

Atlanta isn't so bad, really. In just about every way, we're better than Mississippi. I can guarantee you'll find plenty of free wi-fi access, places to get a good bikini wax and more coffee shops than you can throw a stick at. OH! And we have an IKEA! If you're in Peachtree City with the rest of the airline families....well....you're free to come join us in the real world old time you please.

Welcome back to the south. Come to Asheville and visit some time. It's where everyone in Atlanta seems to want to move to.

Welcome! Can I ask what part of the city you'll be in? There are certainly some great places here (and some that aren't) and lots to do with the kids. Feel free to email me personally if you want suggestions for places to go. Happy to have you!

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