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July 02, 2007


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1. Stroller Strides (a stroller fitness class) is very cool. I dread exercise, but getting out with other adults - while being able to have the kids along - is a nice part of the day. And it helps keep the pounds off.

2. Weight Watchers...I got to goal (I lost 115 pounds) and have kept it off since 2003. Because even though we all know how to lose weight, it's easier when someone puts it in writing. *laugh*

3. Keep clothes that you want to fit into at the front of the closet, and keep trying them on as a reality check.

All that said, I still have I bit of a muffin top, but I pretend that it's loose skin. *laugh* I guess I'd better put these M&Ms away, huh? *sigh* Why can't I be one of those people who stops eating when they're stressed?

Ugh, I'm trying to drop the few pounds that have crept up and created the muffin top I never had before.

It's hard when the kids are little. You're so tired all of the time. The only way i dropped weight when they were so young was that my neighbor and I met up to walk and I knew she'd be waiting so it made me get up and go too.

I have no insight so I don't know why I'm even commenting.

After my "baby" turned three I decided to take active steps to losing the baby weight. I started by writing down EVERYTHING I ate in a day. The shame alone probably took off half the weight. I realized that I couldn't finish the pile of goldfish crackers left on the table or snack as often as the kids. Then I ADDED in a meal. I was told (and it worked) that choosing the most filling 100 calories possible for an 11 am snack would actually make me eat less later. So, I picked up some lite yogurts and some granola bar things and tried it. I made it to the YMCA to do some serious cardio work, and it did come off.

Now, caveat... I lost the weight, went right back to the eating routines that had, for 39 years, kept my weight pretty stable, and I put it all back on in two months. Time to realize that at age 40 my metabolism has changed and my eating habits will have to stay changed. Sigh. Good Luck

I'm just getting the last bit of my pregnancy weight off (my daughter's a YEAR!) and what I've done is similar to the Southbeach. I say "similar" because I don't diet. Ever. But I do try to eat healthfully and keeping white flour and excess carbs to a minimum, the weight just comes right off. I can actually wear a bikini, and I'm not a tiny girl. I have high self-esteem as well (what I like to call "shameless") and have no desire to be skinny, just healthy. Eating the right carbs is best. When I stick to that I can have that ice cream every now and again. I don't crave it as much if I'm not eating "bad" carbs.

Good Luck!

Cara -- I have a double jogger too! I love it.

Some people think it's gross, but I like those Yoplait whipped yogurts in the chocolate flavor. I know they have a lot of sugar in them (for yogurt) but it's better for you than ice cream or cookies.

I've just started doing yoga (at home w/ a video since I have 2 babies under 2 and no sitter) and it feels so great. I also walk 3 or 4 times a week. Austin has lots of great hike and bike trails and I got a double jogging stroller to cart the kids around in.

When the urge to eat ice cream (or something similar) strikes, I ask myself if I'd rather have the ice cream and not lose excess weight, or if I'd rather not eat those extra calories, lose another pound or so, and feel better. Occasionally the ice cream wins, but less and less often.

I also keep instant pudding available, so that if I MUST HAVE ice cream, I can substitute something else that's sweet, dairy-based, filling, and chocolate (but with far fewer calories, less fat, etc.).

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