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June 02, 2007


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Oh no. You. Di'int!

You know, of course, he'll hate you in the teen years for these!

I really like the look on his face... that's saying...

"Mom, if you don't knock it off, I'm gonna go get the WRONG SPATULA!"

yo who's rockin the extra large- know what i'sayin- diapers.

He is so adorable.
Makes me want to have another baby. But I think I am too old and too tired from my 2 now.

Whoa. Three comments? I didn't mean to do that! Sorry!


He's so darn adorable. He makes me wanna another baby!


He's so darn adorable. He makes me wanna another baby!


He's so darn adorabl. He makes me wanna another baby!

I like the pirate. All he needs is a bandanna and a parrot on his shoulder.

AHAHA!! A few weeks ago, while commenting (joking) that #2 should have been a girl so that we'd have one (#1) who's the spitting image of his dad, and one who's the spitting image of his mom (which #2 is). We then contemplated dressing him up in pretty, girly clothes since hubby was out of town and nobody would know unless we showed them the pictures. ;)

Very funny!! Oh, you have given me many evil ideas.

He's workin it for all it's worth!

I love doing sh*t like this. I have many pictures of my son in a bridal veil, makeup, etc. It's good ammo for later in life. :-)

Well, at least he has the attitude to go with the shirt and earring. He can definitely pull it off.

My fav is the Pirate.



Now is this a cultural decision?

My fave is Ghetto Fabulous. Pretty soon Drew will be pimpin' his exersaucer! (And we all know pimpin' ain't easy...)

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