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June 19, 2007


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Y'ALL. Whaddup with all the hatin' on my hoo-ha y'all? Y'all. Where else I'm s'posed to keep mah keys?

Now if that was YOUR skirt!

That's Hot.


Okay so I know I'm above all this celeb stuff and all, but I admit I did snicker. Briefly. Very briefly.

Okay, I snorted. But I'll deny it if confronted.

HIGHlarious! Oh my gawd!




IS THAT A TAINT-TOE? Like half camel-toe, half ass-toe?

wow. i've seen it all.

At least she had panties on this time. Her nasty twat is forever etched in my mind. I'm seriously suffering post traumatic stress disorder from it.

Great stuff! Unfortunately, also a spot-on comment on the state of the American psyche.

Bossy is more interested in what's hiding out under Britney's scarf -- is that a wig? Extensions pinned to a crew cut? What? Wasn't she bald like two minutes ago?

OMG-I nearly bought a pair of Crocs today. Thankfully, I came to my senses before I got to the check out line! I actually felt the same way about UGGs-but I ended up buying them. They both look cute on my 7 y.o.

I also read your post from Father's Day. It reminded me quite a bit about my own relationship with my father. I was luckier than you, though. I got to tell him I loved him and he hugged me and told me the same. It didn't erase all of the years of anger and hurt, but it sure helped with closure. I think about him (he died on the 18th of June 10 years ago) and wonder what it would be like if we had that final conversation years earlier.


Thank you for this morning's giggle.

At least there are panties this time. :)

I never realized how difficult it is to read in a southern accent. It honestly took me twenty minutes to read it and understand.

Damn you, Britney!

O M G!! How did you get Britnay to come tawk to you?!??!

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