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June 23, 2007


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What's left to say! Too cute!

Aww to cute, don't you just love sibling moments

Awwwwwww! That is too cute!!!

Dang cute indeed!

What an adorable little girl.
And the expression on Drew is
panic, terror or whatever!
Love the picture.

So adorable and I love how Drew's expression stays almost exactly the same in all four photos!

That first picture of Q looking at Drew makes my heart hurt.

From the swelling.

Adorable! You have beautiful kids.

That's action photography at its finest.

So cute!

Oh cute baby goodness. Thanks.

You birth some cute babies woman! ;-)

How in the world did you manage to get them to do that!?!

If these were my kids, the next picture would be the baby crying as the toddler put his full body weight on him and me prying him off while sing-songing '...gentle...'

So sweet.

So sweet. I've never successfully captured a hug between my kids -- probably because my son winces and wiggles away like he's had poison thrown on him anytime my daughter tries to hug or kiss him.

The suspicious look on his face is precious!

Very nice blog!

A very honest moment!

lol It's so nice when they're not trying to pull their arms off or show them THIS REALLY COOL TOY ..oops, didn't MEAN to poke him in the eye.

awww, that is soooo adorable!

So dang cute.

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