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June 17, 2007


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I tried so hard not to let Alliclaus sleep on her belly, but it was a lost cause. We went from sleeping in the bouncy seat to sleeping on the belly (with boob) to sleeping on the belly without.

I tried so hard not to let Alliclaus sleep on her belly, but it was a lost cause. We went from sleeping in the bouncy seat to sleeping on the belly (with boob) to sleeping on the belly without.

I have no idea if it would work now, but I would just like to put in a plug in general for the Amby bed. No worries about sleeping on tummies, motion when they move and for ones who love to be snuggled up close to you, they are always cozy. We loved it and in case anyone goes and checks it out and thinks "what about transition to regular bed?" our transition was much smoother than most everyone I know. She was sleeping in a toddler bed and staying in it by 20 months.

Not sure how, but have a 22 month old and 4 month old both sleeping thru the nite and taking naps together for 2-3 hrs in midday. For what that is worth knowing that it will all fall to crap tomorroww.... I always turn on the bathroom fan if your're getting baby to sleep in your room (some other fan if trying to get the baby to their own room). Are you putting him to bed in your bed or a Pack n' Play type thing? Try a Pack N' Play with blankets that you've got your "smell" all over (ie-drape the blankets on you when you nurse or just hold him) - they may fight the Pack N Play at first but with 20 min cat naps at first but if they're tired for a few days in a row, you'll start getting longer and longer naps. The fan is a MUST, though, if you have a uhm... "vocal" older sibling! ;) I also hold the side of my baby's face and do the old "shhhhhhh" thing until I swear I can't breathe another breath OR I don't move for 20 minutes no matter what - even if I think the house is burning down. All else fails - get him to sleep however you can and sit down for 2 seconds and pat yourself on the back. What you're doing is SO HARD!!! They'll be fine and so will you. Breathe!! :)

DD is 18 months old, and has always been a picky sleeper. We've always had success with nursing her to sleep. In addition, we tried:

-Letting her sleep in her swing;
- Swaddling (the Miracle blanket worked great until DD was 5 months old);
- Putting her in a co-sleeper blox inside the crib;
- a sleep wedge.

At this point, we usually nurse or feed her a bottle and rock her down. In the last few days, she's been moving towards falling asleep by herself in the crib.

I would like to answer but that would mean reliving the hell of getting babies to sleep. I'm still reeling from the trauma of seeing my husband partying with younger, skinnier, prettier than me girls in bikinis. I can't do the no-sleep trauma too.

But, I DO know the hell of doing whatever just to get them to sleep.

i'm glad youve found something that works. breast milk blankie right on the face is the key to a sleeping Levi, Amby helps us so much too

Nothing is working for me right now. I'll keep checking the comments hoping someone will have more advice. She hates her belly, so that's not even an option. Also hates the sling. Damn.

Timely topic, Kristen.

Yeah. I don't mind him sleeping with me so much now since he doesn't really roll much and he sleeps.

My daughter slept with us for a month or two but she would kick and roll around and NO one got sleep.

No thoughts here. We're only three weeks in with this one, but she insists on being nursed to sleep, and will only sleep soundly if in the bed with me, face buried into my boob.


I kid. I think.

I nursed all of my kids to sleep and then they laid on their tummies. Running a white noise machine seemed to help one of my girls stay asleep a bit longer.

Other than that, I can't help much. They all slept with me until about a year of age, just so I could get a small bit of shut eye.

My life was the same as yours, nurse them to sleep, let them sleep where ever, how ever they would. Luckily mine were smaller and the sling was an easy solution. I work with several pre/post natal health nurses who all believe babies need to sleep with us, it is the natural way. Sorry, not really a solution, hopefully brings you some peace of mind.

me too - all THREE KIDS. belly sleepers, the lot of them. My son nurses in any position I manage to find myself in at that particular time, so I can't help ya with that problem, I'm afraid to say. I nurse him, then lay him on his belly and that's that. Sorry can't help more :)

Heck. That's the only way my daughter would SLEEP on her own. I don't blame you one bit.

I (gasp) lay my daughter on her stomach. She's the best sleeper now! I stressed about it for months, but have since gotten over the stress of doing things wrong. :-)

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