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June 13, 2007


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First, give yourself a break. You're in someone else's home with a baby and a toddler; you are merely trying to survive. Thriving is optional. My kids are 17 months apart and my toddler watched more TV in the first 6 months of my baby's life than was surely healthy. It's just how it is. Embrace the TV. Dora and Sesame Street are your friends.
Rules in my house --
no hitting.
don't talk to mommy until AFTER coffee.

To begin with, two does get easier, I have a 3 & 6 year old, much easier.

The most broken rule when little princess was a baby: You both will sleep at the same time!

This one is for my almost 3 yr old son:

If you're going to talk about mommy's vagina in public, please, please, please use your inside voice!

Damn toddlers.

My house rules in no particular order...

1. No hitting

2. No pooping outside

And yes...there was an incident that occured in order to institue rule number 2...

Perhaps there should be an order to the rules and perhaps rule #2 should move up on the list...

Do not pinch my boob when I'm reading you a book, because Daddy tells you to, and you both think it is insanely funny.

Do not jump on my when I'm doing yoga, on the living room floor, while folding the laundry at the same time, because that's how I kill two birds with one stone.

Do not ask me for juice, and when I give it to you in the very cup you asked for, tell me you don't want the juice any fucking more.

I want to institute your new rule. I could really use it. I'd also like to add "No requesting juice while mommy is nursing the baby" and "No being hungry when you just nursed for the past hour."

I know how you're feeling. I feel like worst mother of the year most days now.

I did this over on my site. Thanks for the idea!

I would love to think that I have great house rules. But usually it comes down to;


Very mature, yes I know.

Two toddlers are sick this week, and mucho family coming to town for baptism. My house is a hell hole. Today C was crying in pain (they Tylenol hadn't taken effect yet), and K saw me pick her up and started to whimper. And the baby was hungry. I like your rule and I am hereby usurping it for my own purposes!

I have one very simple rule... No one interrupts mommy when she's in the shower. I get up early enough to shower while my husband is still home for that very reason. However the two of them don't always respect the rule... grrrr.
I'm sure when #2 gets her eviction notice in August more fun rules will have to be declared.

Hands are not for hitting.

No splashing mommy.

No spitting.

Oh, the spitting.

The only one I have is...





I love yours though. And if you'll read this post, you;ll see that I do need to institute a "NO FAINTING while mommy is nursing" rule.


My only rule is that they spare me and let me live.

I can totally relate to everything in the post. Now with a 5 yr old and a 16 month old, I can only say that it gets easier to ignore them as they get older.

They used to be "no more than 2hrs of tele a day and must be mildly educational" but I can't count the number of times we've watched Cars multiple times a day. I also insisted we eat meals at the dinner table, but the toddler just isn't eating and if he's distracted by the tele he does. Like you I'm kinda disgusted with things that have started sliding, but feel helpless against this onslaught of kid'ness.

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