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June 22, 2007


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Kylie: Daddy can I get down (from the table)
Daddy: Did you finish all your dinner?
Kylie: Uh huh
Daddy: Then what is all that on your plate?
Kylie: ::Thinking for a minute:: A butterfly Constellation
Daddy (laughing with Mommy): For that answer you can get down

We were over at a friend's house playing and there was another little girl there about my daughter's age (almost 3 at the time). They were playing with the home living toys and the other little girl picked up a toy iron. She handed it to my daughter who looked at me puzzled and said "What do I do with this?"

My 3 year old daughter has been reading a Bible book about baby Jesus. She loves this book and also REALLY loves babies. With the biggest blue eyes EVER- she asked me, "Momma, can you have a baby Jesus for me?"
It was so cute, I'm sure God even got a chuckle out of it!I explained that only one person could have baby Jesus, just like only one person could have Kaylee- but we'll try for a baby for her!

My 2 year old likes to wake her daddy up by shouting "Cup leesee!" (wake up lazy!)

She also says "oh sowwy" anytime I say excuse me to her. It cracks me up because she sounds so stinkin' grown up when she says it.

When Cordy falls down she always asks us, "Are you OK?" We laugh and say, "Yes, I'm fine - are *you* OK?"

She also likes to say "We are mad!" at random times. Thanks again to the Backyardigans and the Volcano Sisters episode.

My youngest is always saying "help, I'm walking backwards" then walk into me.

My oldest corrects people starting with "actually..." he is six.

While standing at the same zoo exhibit for 20 minutes while his big brother obsesses with the current animal, my youngest yells out, "I'm boring!" instead of "I'm bored."

When daughter was 2, she was talking to my father. As they sat talking, a stack of books nearby fell over. She looked over and shrieked, "Avalanche!". My parents couldn't believe that a 2 year old knew that word and could use it correctly.

Hubby and I are always telling the kids to hold on a minute (as they ALWAYS ask for something when we are in the middle of doing something else!). When Son was about 2 1/2, he started saying, "Hode on...Two minutes." We aren't sure why he increased the length of time, but we found it endlessly amusing!

When Ryan was about four, when he wanted to tell us something important, he would hold up one finger and say "According to my calculations"...it was so funny!

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