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June 24, 2007


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Yikes. Myleigh's first food was given to her straight up, no boobie milk. She loved it! I would say, just try another food, maybe it will go better for ya. Good luck! :)

We started my granddaughter on either rice cereal or oatmeal in her formula.
Hey! It worked for my girls, and it works for her.
I started with about 1 tablespoon of cereal to 6oz of formula. Later, I increased it to about 2 tablespoons.
Now, she pushes her bottle away sometimes when it doesn't have cereal in it.

At 3 months my son was eating an 8oz bottle and was still acting like We were starving him. The Dr suggested we start rice cereal. So we used a feeder at first but it was pretty messy and so we started with a spoon and now hes eating like a champ! Now at 4mos we have started 1st foods and he likes it when i mix a jar of food with 2 tablespoons of rice cereal.

I was lucky with my daughter. She loves to eat food, when I started her on cereal I had no problem and now with food I have no problem. My oldest though he did not want to eat in the beginning but with a little coaxing and repetetive tries he soon picked it up too.

I started out using one of those feeders with stage 1 foods. It has a nipple with a larger hole and a plunger (as the food is sucked out of the nipple, the plunger rises.) After he's done with that, I scoop out the remaining few bites with a baby spoon and feed him that. He gets the food in and also gets used to the spoon.

My son was also breast fed for 5 months before I tried rice cereal mixed with breast milk and he liked it. He did make a mess of it, and still does even more with any food. I do have a hard time feeding him green beans, applesause, peaches and green peas, so I mixed a little with every spoonfull of cereal. Lately, what has been working for him to eat is giving him a spoon. For some reason he has no problem opening his mouth to eat if he has a spoon in his hand to play with.

Rice cereal mixed with either formula or breastmilk works best to start. A small amount works best to start, 2-3T after mixing is what I did. Don't get discouraged if your baby pushes the cereal out with her/his tongue or funny faces are made. Try again the next day. The funny face or fussiness should be less and with practice you will both get better at using the spoon during feeding time. Remember this is all new to your baby so it takes patience on your part. You can get some great Kodak moments during this time.

my little one has been strictly breastfed and is 5 1/2 months. Doctor said by 6 months need to start on soilds because of iron. I started with rice cereal and he hates it. I will try again in anthor week.

im going to start feeding my baby 6month old in a week i hope it goes well ill try it with breast milk to see if he likes it:)

I just took my son for his 4 month visit, and the doctor told me to wait till he's 5 or 6 months. I just thought some food may make him sleep more and be more satisfied, but his tongue pushes it all back out. Not worth the aggravation.

Rice cereal has pretty much zero taste to it, so if you mix that with your milk it'll probably taste yummy (to him anyway) and then you'll know if he's against the whole food idea or if he wasn't diggin' the taste of the boobtatoes!

We went with homemade applesauce (by "homemade" I mean I boiled them, squished them, and cooled them) that went really well as a first food for our oldest. It'll likely work for the youngest, too, in the next few weeks.

Avery's first food was avacado. She loved it. Straight up, no boob milk. Next I gave her rice cereal mixed with breastmilk. She also loved that...but then again, she's a big girl. :-)




how about "potitoes?"

You try rice cereal with boob milk?

MMMMM. I love Boobnanas.


Bananas with boob milk.

Bibs...useless. If you have a champion spitter, they aren't even good for spit up. You're right, just more laundry!

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