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June 11, 2007


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. life 2short. its not that serious. try n lighten up so u actually have a chance of having a relationship w/ur child when they get older.

well dressing baby dolls and barbies in that shit isn't helping the situation. just cause britney spears looks like a slut, doesn't mean our kids have to be that way either. but that's what they see. they think "oh britney has it" and some moms go "ok here". THAT'S where it all comes from.

I refuse to buy my 18 month old daughter anything with writing on her butt! No one needs to look there!
In honor of both my kids (a 3yr old, and 18 month old) how about:
Bringing pots and pans back? or
Bringing Tupperware back. BTW, have you seen any of my Tupperware covers? I can't seem to find any of them. (For me: Bring my Tupperware covers back!)

My first pick would be "bringing childhood back" and since it's already taken, "bringing cloth diapers back!" Woo Hoo!

I'd love to get one for my 8 year old 'Princess' that said "Bringing play clothes back". I don't know why she's wants to spend all her time in a dress. Sometimes you have to get dirty!

My 12 year old would probably be 'bringing grungie back' because she's got some sort of Seattle in the nineties, flannel and non-bathing thing going on.

My 3 year old would be "bringing rockstar back' because he loves to head bang to ACDC when it comes on in the car. lol.

anna (who actually blogged about this today too before I read this post...it must be synchronicity :))

My colleague and I are both pregnant in the first trimester (her second, my first) and I think that there are days when we are both so sick that we could use shirts that say:
Bringing Abstinence Back
Just SOME days though, since it is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the very best thing that's ever happened to me!!

they're bringing reading back.

I have two boys...they're bringing boogers back. Enough said.

Bringing migranes back.


-Beth B. (mommy to a busy 3 3/4 year old)

Bringing the question "Why?" back.

Bringing Tyranny Back.

With a vengeance.

Bringing "Only Child" Back

Bringing Daddy Back

*I have a boy, but I despise the clothing I see for little girls and all the dolls that enhance their physical features beyond what is natural! And there are a lot of boy clothing I don't care for now that my 5 year old is wearing the older boys size 6 & up. Too much guns/weapons/skulls - and that is at Target!

My daughter Megan, 3 (genetically enhanced is...) "Bringing the side pony tail back"
Gotta love the 80's

My daughter Olivia, 2 is "Bringing back the turtle neck" no skimpy clothes for her!

My son Joey, 10 is "Bringing back Man Hunt" summer time baby! school's out and the kids are actually playing outside!

Bringing Trans-Fat Back.

The Poo, she loves her grilled cheese and fries.

Okay, so I saw contest and entered that first and then read your blog. I, too, am utterly apalled by people. What is wrong with them?! They ARE totally ruining it for our children. I am trying to keep my children children - innocent and playful. I don't want them singing sexy lyrics or playing with dolls that impress that image upon them. My goodness, I have to continue to tell my daughter that we don't like Bratz as we go down the toy aisle and I steer her to Little Pet Shop or Little Pony toys. Even Strawberry Shortcake has kind of changed her image from the one I had.

At least my son is happy with his soccer balls, baseballs and basketballs but when will that change. I am a third grade teacher and last year a student came back from the weekend with a temporary tatto of a woman's shape on his arm. Nice. Good job parents! I looked at it and looked at him and he said, "I'll wash it off." He knew it wasn't appropriate but the parents? Ya think!

For my 18 month old daredevil son who jumps off everything shouting "JUMBO!"-
"Bringing Evel Knievel Back"

For my 3 year old (almost 4) daughter "Bringing Innocent Back"

Yes, she's sweet as pie, but occasionally whacks her brother. Now, whenever he starts to cry she quickly says, "I didn't do it."

Thanks to the Wonder Pets, my 2.5 year old is very proud to be bringing teamwork back! I can get her to do just about anything if I use teamwork as a basis for her participation. And, she's starting to buy the whole "sharing is cool!" argument too.

Its because too many idiot parents think of their kids as nothing more than a new f-ing handbag.

Its because too many idiot parents think of their kids as nothing more than a new f-ing handbag.

Bringing Nose-Picking back. Although I'll settle for Peace (in a 2T). :)

Thank you for the laughs!


I got several of these type of tacky onesies as shower gifts. The worst of the bunch? "Milk Junkie" or "Benevolent Dictator"?

Please, please tell me that you were joking about Kendra's t-shirt.

This weekend, Q is bringing clingy back. Hopefully, it'll better tomorrow.

Quinlan is so beautiful! Priceless expressions. Drew is a cutie.

Bringing Booger-Eating Back! :)

bringing w(h)ine back . . . 7 year old girl and almost 5 year old son and a 31 year old mom who likes reds (pinot noir and cabs, thank you.) =P

Mine would be bringing attitude, whining and sass back.

All three at once for one kid.

Jail Diet --

"perhaps slathered in Victoria's Secret fruity lotion scent."


And Josie -- I can make it in a size 5 and you can force him to wear it -- now that should bring up some TRUE disdain, right? LOL.

My daughter is bringing whining back for sure.

How's this for a shirt line:
"No Picking? But my finger fits in there perfectly!"


"Bringing naps back"


"It's ALL mine!"

My 12 year old is "Bringing Geeky Back" and loving every minute of it. Children don't fall far from the tree, do they?

My 9 year old is "Bringing Attitude Back", and quite proud of it. His favorite T-shirt? "I tried to be good, but I go bored"
Of course, since he takes dance lessons, loves purple, and likes his nails painted, he needs every ounce of attitude to fight back the gender conservative a-holes he deals with every day :)

New reader- Love the blog. :)

My little guy lately doesn't want to get changed or dressed, so he's bringing naked back.

He's also got the least amount of hair of any baby his age I know, so he's also bringing bald back!

I need no shirts. I just wanted to say, those are dam cute kids you've got there. Bringing poop back...lol.

My son has (several) special needs. But his superpower is gagging at the sight of spaghetti, 6 tables away in a restaurant. Or gagging at the sight of shredded cheese in a pizza commercial on TV. My boy is bringing barfy back.

Bringing modest back

Love this t-shirt "Modest is Hotest"

My son? Totally bringing nose picking back.

My daughter is bring BOSSY back. Don't believe me? Come over for a few minutes and she'll tell you.

my 18-month-old daughter is bringing "hope" and "faith" back (although this isn't something i would have said until very recently, the first 1 year was so darned horrible).

my 15 lb 2 mo son is "Bringing man boobs back"!

My kids are definitely bringing the SASS back! At least my (almost) 8 year old is. My 6 year old is definitely bringing back the WHINE and cheese! My 3 year old is bring back DRAMEDY!!! She's a comedic stand-up one minute and a demanding, dramatic diva the next. Phew.. I need tall cold something!

Bringing Food Back.
(Just not the way it went in)

Sorry I cant spell existentialism. I blame the public schools.

Bringing existenialism back.

Babies are the NEW hipsters.

Since we are an "alternative" family our son and daughter are:

"Bringing Tolerance Back" and also "Bringing Equality Back".

My 5 year would be Bringing the Sunshine back! or Bringing the Funny back. She cracks me up!

In honor of all of the idiots out there - my 4 year old daughter is

bringing SMART back!!

Let's all hope so

I was going to say "bringing Childhood Back" but I see it is already taken.

My next one would have to be "Bringing Nature (or the Great Outdoors) back" because if it's one thing my girls like to do, it play in the dirt, and bugs and woods. They love to hike and swim and splash. They love turning over logs to see whats underneath and running through the grass barefoot.

So yeah, definitely Bringing Nature Back.

My two year old is bringing dramatic temper tantrums back. What is better than a 2 year throwing herself to the ground and standing on her head? My 1 month old is bringing sleepless nights back.

Melissa, I didn't know cafepress did hand designed handmade embroidered shirts?

Innocence. Bringing innocence back.

Obviously. "Bringing Cafepress.com Back"

I love one-off onesies.

Daughter is DEFINITELY bringing DRAMA back!! But is that too adult for an 8 year old?

Those are the cutest shirts.

How about bringing Nose Picking back?

How about bringing stinky back?

Diva. My daughter is bringing back Diva.

The other day I jokingly said "Oh Grace, you are such a diva" in a loving hysterically-laughing kind of voice. Well.......she threw herself to the ground crying (with no tears mind you!) saying "Mama I not a diba! Not a diba Mommy! I Grace Maria!!!" I am still laughing about it.

So there it is. Brining Diva Back!

I have a 5 yo with Asperger's Syndrome (Rain Man Lite) and a 3 yo with a respiratory disease.


That's just what the mummy ordered.

How about bringing birth control back? But then again, I'd never put my child in that shirt, even if it's beyond true!

I say let's just get them started early.

crotch-less panties.
built-in-bra tops.
...all inside the onezies.

nothing gets them more prepared. or perhaps there's a way to make them more sexy inside the womb, you know, so they "come out" all sexy, too. perhaps slathered in Victoria's Secret fruity lotion scent.

oh joy. i'm so glad so many others agree with the state of children's clothing and early expression of sexuality. it's a complete disaster.

Damn, I commented on the wrong post.

Bringing Karma Back. And we're screwed.

Bringing pratfalls back.
Or bringing slapstick back. The latter probably includes the former.

How about "Bringing Wholesome back" or "Bringing back Made in America"
I do like "Bringing Nose Picking back" or "Bringing Whining back" my kids excell at those things.

How about " Bringing Childhood back"?

Letting Kids be Kids since...

What are the odds you'd make one for a 17yr old boy?

My son - bringing disdain and general contempt for adults back

My hope of course is that Thalia is bringing 80s soft rock ballads back.

(And Kendra's mommy needs to bring common sense back)

Whoa. I think our culture is more than a tad too uptight about sex, but seriously folks there is a time and place for sexuality and it ain't on your toddler's shirt.

1st son's shirt would be: I'm bringing non-conformity back

2nd son's shirt: I'm bring blue eyes back (as if they were ever out?)

I hate, hate, hate the clothes for kids today. Can we wait until the girls are oldest enough to be out rubbing up on strange men before we dress them that way? Prostitot.

Though I guess I can't say anything since my baby has a "Boob man" shirt. LOL

Bringing glow worm back. (When we swaddle my 4 mo. old, she channels the 80s toy).

Ireland (3) bringing selfishness back
Erin (3) bringing whinning back

Michael (7 weeks) bringing momma some sanity back

My almost-4-yo is bringing tap dancing back.

oops! All that complaining and I just realized I forgot to tell you what my kids are bring back:
Olivia 7 years old: bringing back hormonal bitchiness
Sadie 5 year old girl: bringing back the straight jacket (well I'd like to bring that one back FOR her!!)
Andrew 1 year old: bringing back
destruction and insanity

I totally hear you!!! My girls are 7 & 5 and I HATE the trampy selection of "little girls" clothes. I especially hate the slutty bathing suits. My girls both have little string bikini's (that I did not buy - they were give as presents from crazy family members). Who (besides a pervert) wants to see a 5 year old in a skimpy number like that?And why are all of the girls shirts v cut? Is it possible to dress our girls "in style" without letting their T&A hang out?

Bringing thumbsucking back (still). (Tacy)

Bringing exhaustion back. (CJ)

Hmm... Boy 1's shirt would read something along the lines of "Bringing teenage attitude and snottiness to new heights."

Boy 2's? "Bringing food back. No seriously, bring more food."

How 'bout:

Bringing Mommy's Prozac Back

With the current sad state of my marriage, I have to say that am I so grateful that my 20 month old daughter is "bringing back the joy and smiles." It's what I live for nowadays.

I would say Myles is bringing explosive diaper blowouts back, but then again they never really went out of style.
So we'll go with bringing spit bubbles back. That's all he's got right now.

Hmmm. . .I am torn between "Bringing nose picking back" and "Bringing bitch slapping my brother back".

And, that 'sexy' t-shirt is gross, gross, gross.

oh he's brinigng manners back. I have an english day care provider, and she insists on please and thank you for everything! Sometimes he says I'm sorry when I sneeze!

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