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June 04, 2007


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Just think of how it was like for your mom when you were teething. Your kid needs your patience now more than ever. A little goes a long way! Soon enough, you'll be having fun teaching your child how to brush his own teeth. And soon after, the tooth fairy saga! :)

Sounds EXACTLY like what I'm going through! Wondering (and googling) if my 4 mo. old could already be teething (constantly drooling with fist in mouth - a thumb won't suffice), baby who must be held by mom 24/7, wondering how my 2nd child could be so different from my 2 1/2 year old already!

Oh I can totally relate. Both my girls got their first teeth around 11, 12 months old even though the teeting started around 5 mos. But now Zoe is 20 months and she's got - God help me - molars coming in and screams for record amounts of time. Like 40 minutes today, and that was just the longest bout. Plus she tantrums with her HEAD...hon, that's NOT going to help the pain...

I got the Nile drool, the gumming everything he can get his hands on, and yes, his hands. He sucks on my shirt, his blanket, anything.



& he's not even 4 mos yet

Hee hee, I relate. At least on the level of one kid. Mine started teething at three months. He's now just shy of nine months and has seven teeth. Seven! (or eight) What do they really do with these teeth, anyway? Nothing but bite you!

I think I remember you saying your son was big. My ped said the bigger they are the earlier they teeth. I think my son has been teething for the past two years, and hes two years and 3 months old.

Avery started teething at 4 months also. Her first tooth didn't actually arrive until just after 6 months. She is my first child so I didn't know any better...I thought it was normal. 2 months of teething sucks.

My daughter cut her first tooth at 3 months old. She started loosing her teeth early, too. It's a sign of high intelligence;)

Yeah, why DO they have to go and be different? Then again, I'm glad ds#2 is different than ds #1. I would be in a mental institute right now if he weren't b/c I couldn't handle two of those kinds. hehe!

Teething is a total pain...and not just for the baby!

Sounds like my son. I kept waiting for that first tooth and it didnt arrive until he was almost 12 months old. He would chew on his hands, drool all over and scream at the top of his lungs. It turns out it was just his personality.

I am sure your son will be different, because it appears that my son has taken up my crabby genes.

BTW, my daughter got her first tooth around 6 months old. The big reason I thought all his angst was because of a tooth.

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