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May 06, 2007


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I miss the innocence of Buttah days too.

Ah, welcome to being the mother of a daughter. Bratz invaded the awareness of PunditGirl in preschool, as well. I was only slightly depressed when she said one day, "Mommy, you're right. The Bratz wear too much makeup. They should be like you and not wear any."


Bratz? Oh dear. Oh dear.

LOL Boston Legal actually did a show last week about their version of The Bratz dolls and how they're sexualizing our kids (which I agree with) - and I won't let me newly 4 yr old near them. Just say no! LOL

No! Not the Bratz!


Ew! I feel for you on that one!

Seriously - what is it about those party catalogs? My boys turn into these little magazine hounds when I get them in the mail... wtf?

Groovy Girls are a millionx cuter and just as ethnically diverse.

totally 'post unrelated' comment here but...



b) any clue what the hell happened to H.P????

Im afraid my daughter is a big fan of them as well, we have a few hanging around but once she gets them out of their pretty boxes - she tends to forget they exist.

lol! Unfortunately all five of my kids know the Bratz all too well. (yes, even the boy). Thankfully, my daughter much liked them, but my step daughters are all totally into them.
They're .... cute... I guess.

The Bratz.

They're so...


What with those done-up eyes and pouty lips.

What 3 year old WOULDN'T love them?

Shoooot oooop!

Yes. I'd prefer neither, really, Mark.

But then, do all ethnic girls dress like ho-s?

I think not.

The Bratz are one of the few dolls that show a little ethnically, rather than the fashion model, whitebread, skinny ass, Barbie

Oh the influence of the other children. This is where I have a problem with other parents and cant do anything about it.

While my child was at home, I controlled everything. She only watched the shows I deemed appropriate and there was no inflitration. I didnt have to explain why I wouldnt buy a certain toy. That all came smashing down when Amber started school. I know, I know she was only 2 at the time and it wasnt really school, but just stay with me. That is when she met a little girl that wore nothing but Strawberry Shortcake. Not harmless, but the constant cries for SS were relentless.

Fast forward to pre-4, going into Kindergarten, and I am scared for my future. There are bad words to be learned, new skanky dolls to want and the seminars on backtalking parents. It never gets easier, it just keeps changing.

Ack! Who told her about Bratz? Guess you'll have to start working to deprogram her from the advertising hype.

The Bratz are EVIL!!! Not even 3 yet & the media has already taken her hostage.

Liking the Bratz isn't so bad. Imitating the Bratz...then you got trouble! LOL

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