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May 19, 2007


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What are you feeding that kid anyway? I need to borrow some of your milkshake, clearly it's better than mine.

He's so dam cute. If only I had a baby to put one of those onesies on. Hm, one day. I like the poop one.

He's so adorable....such kissable cheekers!!

Yes, it IS time to start.

Yes indeed! So incredibly cute!

Too damn cute.

And looks a lot like Mummy.

And how the hell did he get to be four months old already?

Too damn cute.

And looks a lot like Mummy.

And how the hell did he get to be four months old already?

Love the shirt and the photo! You make mighty cute kids.

I never see that expression on his face in real life. He has a total picture face he makes, it's in like, every picture. Cutie.

Love the shirt.

cute, cute, cute! Both the shirt and the babe!

right on, wee adorable one.

With all that cuteness how can I resist bringing peace back? I can't - break out the beads and let the sweet summer love start.

Fadiddle rocks baby!

What happened to bringing sexy back?

Ok he is the most adoreable little man! Awww!

How cute is he!!!

What a cutie!!

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