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May 06, 2007


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I was so ready for the terrible twos (they never hit) that I was completely unprepared for my oldest when she hit three. It was hard, but it's hardest with your oldest. I can say (after four kids) that three gets cuter the more kids you have. But twelve? Good God, get me a gin and tonic.

LOL, I so get this right now - Sunny is 3 and is driving me absolutely crazy. The good news is it doesn't last forever - four is pretty cool.

*plugging ears*

lalalalalal .... I can't hear you!

Great. Three was the light at the end of my tunnel. Now what do I do?

We really need to get our girls together. World domination won't be far behind.

I'm with you. I thought I wanted three until I had two. Most days I'm on the fence.

OMG, you are so right. K hit three and the demon/litigator came out of hiding. Every bedtime is met with, "Wait! Wait! Wait! I think there might be something...um...a...robin in my sheets! DON'T LEAVE ME!" Not to mention the new found independence of the two-year-old ("I DO IT!") is replaced with a princess who wants to see how much she can get Mom and Dad to do for her. AAAAAAAHHHHHH!

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