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April 22, 2007


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oh GOD!!! he is NEARLY as cute as mine. Actually, I think they make a neat match (I must send you a pic;-))

Holy crap, that is hilarious. Too damn cute, Kristen.


Gah! Why are you making me want more babies, with the cuteness?

I am a daily reader.
And that baby is just too way darn cute!
What a cutie!

Oh, he's so darned cute! Love that onsie!

Thank you for giving me baby lust, you suck.

Three months! You are a hero to survive it all. What a cutie!

I love me a round headed baby.

aw man, what a cutie!

Oh goodness...he looks adorable in that! YAY!!!

Ovaries just clenched. Uh-oh.

I don't know what to say. He's just cute!

It's a staring contest. Cute kid always wins.

Too freaking cute. He looks a bit like Oddjob in Goldfinger. Big bald head, no neck. He evidentally needs a bowler hat.

his look is priceless, what a cutie!

Very cute. His facial expression is awesome. He looks like he has been stalked by the baby paparazzi all day and has just had it.

Too cute for words!!

I love it!

Oh. my. goodness.
I miss that kid.

He is adorable!!

Ahhh, the milkfat babies! There is nothing more delightful. And now I feel my reproductive system doing the mambo, looking at your delicious guy.

holy crap! It's been three months already! Where is this year going????????

He looks like he just had a big uncensored, right in the old cloth diaper.

aww. so cute!

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