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March 05, 2007


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I had horrible eating habits as a kid. I loved to eat and was chubby. I guess I loved Hostess goodies. I don't remember either of these instances, but my mom and uncle love to tell about these events.

First, my mom likes to tell the story of how at a very young age (under five) I wrestled her for a twinkie.

Second, my uncle who is eight years older, used to get annoyed by his young niece. One time I was happily prancing into the living room with one of those marshmallow, coconutty covered snowball cupcakes and seeing his opportunity, he kicked the hassack so it hit me in the shins and I fell flat onto the cupcake. He laughs hysterically everytime he tells that story!

Anyway, I loved to eat . . . everything as a kid.

Just one worst habit? 'Cause I had quite a few of them. I drank cokes all day long and ate junk food. No exercise either. I'm lucky my arteries aren't clogged by now.

Wow, I missed you being anti-vacc! I guess I live under a rock... Have you posted much on that before, or are you going to soon?

Worst habit? Well, let's see. I don't think I ever ever ever had water to drink (unless I accidentally swallowed while brushing my teeth) until I was in college and realized that surviving on Pepsi wasn't really good for you. This could be why I'm such a stickler for my kids...they only get water and milk. My mom can't believe I think she did me a disservice by giving me sweet tea and pepsi in my bottle. Oh yeah, I was weaned from the bottle before I was a year old. I so wish I was kidding.

Oh gosh. My worst habit. I'd have to say it junk food. I used to live on those sour cream and onion crackers, i swear!


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Ditto, Awesome Mom. Only I was sort of saved in high school by a mandatory after-school athletics program. I joined the track team because it seemed like the thing involving the least amount of coordination, and it turned out I was actually pretty good at distance running. Must have been those marathon reading sessions spent on the couch that prepared my mind for it ;)

My worst habit as a kid was reading waaay too much. I did not get nearly enough exercise instead I spent hours in my room with my nose in a book. I know a lot now but I am also a heck of a lot chubbier than I really should be.

I enjoyed this book too - I'm reviewing it at The Opinionated Parent on Thursday. Since I already have it, don't enter me in your draw, but I had TONS of bad habits as a kid. My fave - using my allowance to buy kool-aid powder and then carrying it around with me in a ziploc bag so I could lick, dip & suck (my finger) throughout the day. Sugar high much?

My worst habit when I was a kid was sneaking into my dad's "treats" -- and he didn't even drink alcohol. No, I thought Pepsi and Ho-Ho's were the height of "cool" since Mom only bought them for Dad, and we couldn't even have a Ho-Ho in our lunches. So I would get home from school, she would be busy with younger siblings, and I would go sneak a slurp out of the 2 liter Pepsi in the fridge, and sneak a Ho-Ho, sliding the rest forward in the box, like they wouldn't know how many were supposed to be there. What a geek, I know, but I also was supplimenting my "healthy" diet by buying a package of M&M's every day at school from myself (choir geek too).

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