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March 09, 2007


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Letting your daughter be who she is IS being Mother of the Year you silly girl!

she's gorgeous!

Absolutely wonderful and beautiful!

My daughter was on my lap when the pic came up and offers this compliment.

"Oh, look at that girl!" With admiring voice

She looks awesome.

And remember, feminism wears many faces.

I want to eat her up! All little girls like to dress this way as well as many little boys. Why shouldn't they? Plus, the heels make them taller, better to stick forks in the toaster oven.

I think what really makes her look like a magical creature is the smile on her face. As an adult woman, I sort of tend to forget the innocent joy I used to experience as a little girl playing dress-up, adorning myself in whatever pretty sparkly things caught my eye, back before I fretted over whether boys/men would think what I wore made me look attractive, whether other girls/women would think it was fashionable.

She really does look like a fairy princess.

Off the shoulder uh? WOW! Watch out when she hits puberty!!!

Brilliant and beautiful! :D

Love the off the shoulder look...so 80's. She's a fashionista. Too freaking cute.

CUTE photo. I can thank Baby Loves Disco for my oldest's obsession with airbrush tattoos. My God, she has so much ink on her arms, she lookes like she's spent her life in prison.

She is your Mini-Me. Let's see some of your childhood pics for comparison...

That's a GREAT picture.

Am I the only one getting a seriously deep Cyndi Lauper from the 80's vibe, here??


She's awesome.

What an adorable picture!!

oh so cute! I love the cheesy grin, too!

My 3yo had her face done up in make-up- too cute. whenmy 8yo did it? eeeeek!

oh so cute! I love the cheesy grin, too!

My 3yo had her face done up in make-up- too cute. whenmy 8yo did it? eeeeek!

She's so beautiful! She looks just like you! Lucky, my daughter looks like a clone of my DH. And who needs a stinkin NOW award anyway =)

Better her than Drew, right?

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Wow, look at all that bright pink and green! But she pulls it off well and looks adorable.

It's OK - she can still dress like a princess fairy while telling the boys to respect her choices.

Oh my GAWD she's SO FREAKIN' CUTE!!!!

she is so adorable....even if she's wearing princess garb. :)

True that, Maman. A point well made.

I will call her "The Fairy Diplomat."

Aren't we supposed to let our daughters be themselves? If that made her happy than she is the feminist ideal as far as I am concerned!

i'm going to eat your child's feet.

toddler feet. mmmm...

she's just insanely adorable. even as a princess. perhaps you could work her princessdom to your advantage? perhaps, by her marrying a true prince. maybe in another country. and you could move away with her. (ahh dream land).

That's. Just. Adorable. :)

She's one hot chicky!

Along the lines of what Liz said... feminists NEED a fairy godmother, stat. Give Linda Hirshman and Caitlyn Flanagan much needed makeovers.

She's beautiful!

Too cute for words, K.

Oh she is too cute!

I actually like the idea of a feminist fairy princess. It might help provide a much-needed bridge across the vast chasm between the feminist set and the princess set. Perhaps she's a diplomat in the making!

If that is wrong then I don't want it to be right. She looks so happy!

OMG! That is adorable and hysterical!!! This is one of those pictures you save until Q is a teenager.......just so that you can embarass her when the boys start coming over!!

Has there ever been a happier child on earth?

So cute!

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