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February 16, 2007


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SO ADORABLE!!!! and wow! what a tight tum! i haven't had that sleek a belly for years. seriously. you look so wonderful! and only 4 weeks after giving birth. rock on, sister!

You look hot and I'm just salivating over your son.

Seriously, seriously adorable little sucka.

You both look fantastic! I love his little cowlick. The fact that he has hair at all is awesome. I'm afraid our little dude is going to be bald for awhile.

Sweet golly you look fantastic for one month post-partum and that boy... sigh... he looks edible (and tough).

That seems almost impossible! He looks like a pretty sturdy guy, I can't imagine him stuffed in there!

Very handsome Mutha Sucka you've got there.

He is so cute! And I agree with everyone else, you look great.

so cute! makes me so happy! Love the t-shirt

you looked awesome - I wish I had looked that good while pregnant!

That month flew by. He's SO beautiful.

He is so cute! I love the shirt -too funny!

He is so cute! I love the shirt -too funny!

You look wonderful. And he's such a doll.

I agree. I agree.

The baby is adorable (I never get to see him with his eyes open, the fantastic sleeping baby).

You look great.

The ass is (we all see it now) good and SMACKABLE!

Have your in-laws seen that shirt?

And you look great!

I love the hair. And you are very brave. I still would rather rip out my eyelashes than show anyone my stomach since my daughter was born...and that was three and a half years ago!

AWWWWWW! He looks SO like SAm. It's weird! (must send you a pic).

And you. YOU! YOU! look amazing. You;d better tell me that stomach folds over into an apron when you sit or I am going to have to go and kill myself. STAT!

Aww, he is the cutest little guy and you look GREAT!

I agree-what acne? He is just so adorable! He is so alert and bright-eyed; he looks older than only 4 weeks! (Brilliant like his mom and big sis, I'm sure).

And YOU! Wow!! Only 1 month postpartum you look fabulous!

Ok, no more "I'm fat" comments from you, lady!

He is beautiful!! And you look fabulous yourself.

He is beautiful!! And you look fabulous yourself.

He is damn cute. A worthy member of Wonderbaby's gang.

He absolutely rocks!

I love that you didn't make the bed for the photo! I feel SOOO much better now!

Wow, you both look fantastic. Great work, K.

A month? It's been that long?

You both look great - I can't believe how awesome your belly looks just one month postpartum!

Too cute! How fast the time goes by, right?


Too cute! How fast the time goes by, right?


You both look fantastic! And I love the little raised fist - to show cute solidarity.

Adorable! That shirt ROCKS.

Adorable! That shirt ROCKS.

Acne? What acne? I was blinded by the cuteness.

K, you look great! Whoo, Momma! And what acne . . . ?

He is adorable. And he wears the onesie well.

OMG---he is so adorable!!! LOVE the onesie and the faux-hawk is great!!

Beautiful baby! Time flies, how has it already been 4 weeks?!

You look terrific, by the way.

I love the boy with his tough guy shirt -- and wish I had a newborn so I could pretend to have a tough kid too! 'Course, if I was 4 weeks post baby, I would not look as good as you do, so I'll give up now. :) You look awesome, by the way. And does Drew's big sis' have a cool shirt too?

happy one month to both of you - Drew for being so damned stylin' and his momma for putting her hot self out there ;) just 4 weeks ago, indeed!

He is so cute! And you look fantastic. Your tummy looks tight and non-jiggly and your ass does look great.

LoL! I love the shirt! He's such a cutie pie!

And you look great!

That. shirt. makes. me. happy.

And you, regardless of when the picture was taken, look awesome. Maybe it's the angle or the pants or whatever, but your ass looks great. :D

LOVE the fauxhawk! Drew, you are going to have so many girlfriends when you grow up if your mommy lets you.

He is beautiful! And so big already! Love the shirt - I wish I'd known Catherine back when Thomas was born.

And you...you look beautiful darlin'!

Happy One Month, Baby Chalk! And what a handsome little guy you are too!

He is just so cute! And you, wish I looked like that one month after having my little one. Way to bare yourself to the world! You look great girl!

OH. MY. GOD. He is adorable. and I am LOVIN that shirt!!!! Why couldn't they have had cute stuff like that when mine were little? (whine whine)

is that your belly Now or when you were pregnant? The answer decides if you get slapped or not! ;)

Gah. Mutha **SUCKA** gang.

This is why mothers are so lame. They can never get the handles right. "Why don't you invite your nice friends the Cribs back your Crip, Honey?" Gah.

It's the faux-hawk, coupled with the raised, clenched fist - "don't mess with this cuteness, yo." A little bit of baby acne just adds that infant-tough edge.

It was a favorite pose of WonderBaby, who lacked the faux-hawk (and now sports a mohullet. mull-hawk? anyway) but who nonetheless went totally STREET in that shirt. She's thrilled to welcome him into her Mutha Gang, in any case.

I'm very impressed that you bared yourself to the world. You have a mommy belly and a sweet boy to prove that you earned it the hard way. (Anyone can get a bigger belly by eating more- too easy!) You look great!

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