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January 16, 2007


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I put a huge filter on around my kids. I still occassionally swear (who doesn't), but I have taught them that when I say those things, they are "bad words", and actually have them tell me "Don't say that mommy!" to correct myself, and prevent them from copying. Attitude-wise, I try almost to picture myself third-person; watching what I am doing and seeing how they might perceive it. I lay on the politeness, saying please and thank you, holding doors for people, telling people to have a nice day, smiling. Even when I don't feel like it. Grin and bear it when it's not so nice, and take the time to explain to them that what the person said/did wasn't nice. Even with the in-laws. They hear and see every single thing you ever do or say, maybe even moreso when they're not in the same room and you think it's safe. LOL!

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