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January 23, 2007


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An intriguing discussion is worth comment. I do believe that you need to publish more on this subject, it might not be a taboo matter but usually folks don't speak about such subjects. To the next! Cheers!!

If the little one seems jaundiced, place him in the sun, in front of a window, etc. I mean, no sunbathing or anything. a reasonable place for a reasonable time. Luckily, the day after My 2nd son and I got out of the hospital, my family went to the beach, so me and my pumpkin colored baby spent about 10 minutes per day outside, with him in the buff on the balcony.

FYI....Jaundice is cleared by light and uv rays..it's a chemical your liver overproduces that turns your skin yellow and it's been proven that the light breaks those chemicals down to lower your bilirubin(sp) count which causes the jaundice color. So if you think he's yellow, strip him down and sit in front of a window so the sun is directly on him. Both my boys were jaundice...Daniel was under the lights at the hospital.

As for the poop...come on it can't be that long since you Q, you can remember those yellow seedy explosions.

Enjoy the sleeping.....seriously I think my guys were awake like 1-2hours at the most and the rest of the time I was poking and begging for them to get up and eat off my gorging breast.

Sore nipples, I swear by Ameda/Hollisters HydroGel Pads, http://www.hollister.com/us/products/product_series.asp?id=6&family=72&series=755
Also, KellyMom.com has some great suggestions. If your problem is blisters, I would direct you to
But then there is also this on KellyMom:
The saline solution rocks and this in combination with a lanolin or Hydrogel regimen got me through my daughters latching issues (which lasted 4 weeks until I finally called a IBCLC; if things aren't better next week, go to La Leche League and find an IBCLC).
For breastfed baby's diapers:
Best of luck; Drew is beautiful.

What a good mom you are. Do you think the people at Google are scratching their heads at the search term "newborn breastfeeding poop"? Like, I can see someone turning to his co-worker and saying, "I dunno, Larry, someone keeps searching on poop. And what is breastfeeding, anyway?"

I wish I could give you tips on the sore nipples. All the advice people gave me didn't help. I even spent $50 on a specially formulated nipple ointment that a pharmacist had to make from scratch. Sometimes, the little beauties still get sore, four months later.

ONe word for sore nipples-LANSINOH. It's a miracle ointment. I still use it today...not on my boobs, on my lips. I swear.

Now, it's NOT ALL bad in 'What to Expect'. COME ON! Sorry but, it beats the crap out of WebMD for baby stuff. Unless you want to be online for hours only to be convinced your baby has some horrible disease. No thanks.

Th other lifesaver is the 'Nursing Mother's Companion'. Loved it.

Sore nipples cure: Soothies. Seriously. They're at every drug store, they keep scabs from forming on your nipples, absorb leaky breast milk and they're AWESOME. I will be wearing them for two weeks after I have my baby, and will feel NO PAIN. :)

Here's an idea for the baby socks that works for me. I bought a lingerie bag (from bed, bath, and beyond) and put all the socks in that bag to wash. They all come out clean and in one bag so matching them is easy. hope that helps. one less thing to deal with since your in-laws are clearly no help.

I can't believe you've posted! You're amazing. Having a newborn is full of nonstop questions, isn't it!?

step away from the Google, step away! Get someone else to look up the info for you- preferably someone who will filter the info for you- like your BFF.

poop should be seedy/mustardy yellow. If his jaundice is getting worse, he may still have some meconium. To clear jaundice- nurse nurse nurse, so he'll poop poop poop.

hang in there mama!

I can't believe you can think coherently, let alone write. You knock me out!

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