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November 17, 2006


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That's the kind of image that i really thing is super image like. If more images very real like this were out there we'd be super full of graet images in the world.

Barbara Walters is behind this, isn't she. Who even knew she flew coach?

T and T, you and my husband had similar ideas.

I heard about this story earlier in the week, but just mentioned it to dh last night since it's been a hot topic on the blogs lately. This was his response, "Someone should have insisted on putting a blanket over that flight attendant."


I should carry blankets around with me all the time.

I think you're onto something T and T!

Now wait a minute, folks. Maybe this particular flight attendant is on to something here. What if flight attendants were allowed to hand out blankets for all offenses.
Is the person in your aisle seat ugly?
Put a blanket on them.
Is that man's jeans too tight, if you know what I mean?
Put a blanket on it.
Computer screen too bright?
Put a blanket on it.
Does that woman stink?
Put a blanket on her.
That elderly gentleman has really bad breath?
Put a blanket on him.
Somebody having a bad hair day?
Put a blanket on them.
Can't stand the ice crunching of your neighbor?
Put a blanket in their mouths.

If you ask me, this FA has the problems of skylife solved.

First and foremost, you have the BEST commenters. I'm cracking up over HBM's comment.

I was once told to leave a playground because I was nursing my then 2-year-old. I was absolutely certain nothing was showing. I know this because I was pulling my shirt down even further when I saw ALL THREE GUARDS coming over towards me.

And I live in one of the lucky states where bfing in public is specifically protected.

We were on the news, we held a nurse-in, and we got lots and lots of appologies and a promise that the guards would be better trained.

Wouldn't you know it, two years later, I'm at a pool with a friend when they try to kick my friend out for nursing her son. We told them they couldn't do that. Then one of the lifeguards pulls my friend over when she came out of the bathroom with her son to harass her about it. I promise you were were not being confrontational AT ALL. We were just trying to let our kids play in the pool. The life guards kept coming up to us.

We sent letters and made calls to those in charge of the pool and had it all taken care of.

I once heard a phrase that I think sums it up perfectly (and I like to use it a lot, so anyone who knows me at all is probably sick of me rehashing the same line, but they'll just have to deal). "I'm just feeding my baby. Don't blame me for your dirty mind."

I already signed the petition. I was so pissed when I read that story. I would have refused to leave the plane. What the hell is wrong with people?!

The issues with the female body in this country confound me.

I doubt the woman exposed any more breast than a cover of Sports Illustrated where the boobs are NAKED, simply painted over with body paint. Yet that is acceptable, but what a breast is actually made for is not.

Maybe I have an idea there - non-toxic body paints for breastfeeding moms, anyone?

I am at a loss. At first I thought this was a joke.

I've breastfed my infant son on a few flights. I figured I had two choices, I could subject the entire plane to constant screaming or give him a boob. I choose the boob.

I didn't even breastfeed and this is super offensive to me. It's everyones personal right. The whole thing is so wrong, asking her to cover up her toddler with a blanket and kicking her off the flight. I hope she sues, because I know she'll win. Blanket over a toddler, never gonna happen. I was once on a flight next to a guy who farted the entire time and on another flight next to a woman who picked her zits the entire time. I would have loved to kick them off, but no one said a thing. And I complained about the zit one, but was told there was nothing they could do about it.

Yeah. My husband (a pilot and someone who works with a bunch of guys who fly for Delta) would have told her to piss off.

In fact, when I told her about this - he was like "have you ever been on a flight and the dude next to you takes off his shoes to expose his nastyass stinky feet -- now that's offensive..."

OMG I almost spit water onto my monitor when I read HBM's comment about INDISCREET breastfeeding.

What kills me is that it wasn't a passenger that complained it was the flight attendant. Sounds a little weird and fishy to me. I mean she actually told the pilot and got other people to think that it was a good idea to remove this woman from the plane because she was breastfeeding? I mean one ignorant person, fine......but multiple? ODD.

And, and... (voice getting screechy)... regarding the effing Delta official who said that BFing is 'acceptable' (!) so long as it is done 'discreetly' (!) and 'doesn't offend anyone' (!)... nursing children is so many miles beyond 'acceptable - it is superlative - that it makes no sense whatsoever to me that it be subject to the pussy-assed sensibilities of others. Since when does someone else's squeamishness trump the right of a child to care and nurture and nutrition?

And what the fuck would INDISCREET breastfeeding be? Nursing while hanging upside down naked from the baggage compartment? I don't care if she had her whole top off - SHE'S NURSING. Give me a fucking break.

Going to link it NOW.


I've signed this already because the Queen got to me first. I sure as hell hope Delta does something to correct their ignorant employees.

I can't help but think that the mother was given grief because she was nursing a toddler (the article I read said that the child was 22 months old). I'm still nursing my 27 month old, and it seems like people are more biased against that then they were against infant breast feeding. But I could be wrong -- they could be equal opportunity jerks.

I flew with my daughter last Christmas and spent the way home with her attached to my breast the whole time. It never once occured to me that someone would try to remove me from the airplane for doing that. I'm still shocked at how narrow minded people can be. Thanks for the link to the petition, Kristen!

First of all, let me say, that when airlines partner - it doesn't matter. Delta had the big bucks (my husband is a pilot so I know these odd things) -- could it be US AIRWAYS trying to dog them to get a better price on their buy out.

Um, sure, perhaps... or it could just be that the folks that fly on those crappy little airlines (of course, now my huz will get a job with Comair... hehe) are not the brightest lights on the flight attendant Christmas tree... meaning, the rock solid kick ass FAs actually fly on a DELTA plane.

I know how it works - seniority means better flights, better pay, happier FAs.

Second of all, it's totally possible to bf a 22 month old and not show your breast. I did it. No boob showing. AT ALL.

And finally, instead of going out of their way to give them new tickets etc., why not publicly apologize and fire the idiotic flight attendant and let them stay on their own flight?

And save the woman and her family some public humiliation.

Ah, you beat me to this. Which is silly, because I read about this a few days ago and the unfinished post is STILL sitting in my Blogger draft box because I am a Bad Blogger. So I am glad you beat me to it, because people need to know.

What especially irked me were some comments I read on MSNBC's article about this story. More than one ignorant commenter felt the need to assert that nursing a 22-month-old child was akin to child sex abuse.

I kid you not.


That's partly why I had trouble finishing the post. I was so angry about those comments I had trouble even collecting my thoughts.

Disclaimer: I'm totally Pro-breastfeeding. To be more to the point, I'm Pro-Mommies doing what is best for their child, bottle or breast. I support both, a mommy's right to chose for her child and her right not to made to feel guilty for her choice.

However, I have a TON of questions about this story. The short version is -- exactly WHY is everyone hating on Delta? It was a Freedom Flight (the co-share was Delta -- but a Freedom Airlines Attendant was the problem)? Also, did anyone notice what Delta did in the situation? (from another article: "Delta provided ground transportation, hotel accommodations and new tickets on another airline.") There's a part of me that thinks Delta stepped up.
Are we going after Delta because they are better known, deeper pockets or makes for a better news story?

And am I the only one who wonders how it is possible to nurse a 22 month old without "ANY PART of her breast exposed." Exposed breast or not, I'm all for her right to breastfeed -- I just think we all need to be fully honest here -- kids expose the boob when feeding. I would have rather it read, "as little as possible was exposed and it wasn't like she was walking down the aisle with her top open waving the boobs around." Now, there's real honesty.

Yeah, I saw that the other day. I signed the petition. Damn Puritans.

Hey thanks for the link to the petition! I'll be sure to post the article and link also.



Breastfeeding on the plane was the only way my son wouldn't scream his head off. People are shitheads.

That is some weak shit, right there.

Fly JetBlue instead. Great service. Great fares. Leather seats, each with their own television.

And I flew with one boob exposed almost the whole way to Orlando and back to help keep baby's ears from being uncomfortable.

Holy Shit! I have never heard anything so rediculous in my life! When I lived in Hawaii, the women breast fed their babies whenever and wherever they pleased. No one even cared. I breastfed four babies and yes, when they were younger I did put a blanket over them, but because I was embarassed. Thanks for the story. Now I'm mad and have to go sign the petition.

Thanks Kristen. I say the Dems in congress pass the "Baby Gotta Eat Act of 2006."

Seriously, this is messed up. I do know it contradicts Delta's policy -- I fly Delta a lot -- but this flight attendant, if the reports are accurate, was WAY outta line.

reminds me of the hullaballoo over the Parenting magazine cover. seriously, some people REALLY gotta get over it already.

I had the link up on my blog, too - I was equally disturbed about the whole thing. And I couldn't believe it happened in VT - I used to live in VT and it is one of the more progressive states in the union, so I had to do a double take. I still believe they kicked her off the plane. Totally insane!

Here's the thing. I've breastfed fine on Delta flights as well - BUT, regardless of her personal problem, she works for Delta -- and therefore represents the corporation.

If they want to step forward and say "her stance does not support our policy" then so be it.

Heck. A few of my husband's friends work for Delta and he was going to try to get a job.

But, you work for a company, you represent it -- and if they want to stand behind her, then they're going to hear about it from me.

Plus, BA, being in the ATL, I imagine there aren't too many other airline options with it being Delta's hub... :)

Thanks for posting the link to the petition, Kristen. I read an article about it, but didn't know where to go to do something. This is just about the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! It makes my blood boil just thinking about it. Yet another example of how mothers are criticized no matter what they do. Don't breastfeed? Oh well, then you must not want what's best for your child. Breastfeed? Well, ok then, but never do it in public, better hide all evidence that you do so and stop at exactly one year no matter what. urgh!!

I'm wholeheartedly pro-breastfeeding (it kind of comes with the job title of "Doula" that I once held, but even before that) I'm going to decline to sign the petition just yet.

I have breastfed both of my children on numerous occasions aboard Delta flights, and have never been given even the slightest hassle. In fact, I would say that the flight attendants were extremely solicitous and friendly.

I suspect that the flight attendant in specific had a personal problem with this woman breastfeeding, and may have exaggerated or even fabricated facts to make it seem as if the "refusal" was more belligerant than it actually was to gain support in ejecting the couple from the flight.

If I am wrong, then I will certainly support any measures to combat this kind of discrimination, which is inexcusable and criminal.

But I think we will hear more about this.

The whole premise of a blanket is ridiculous anyway if the child was 22 months old. Like a two year old is going to sit there with a scratchy airplane blanket over her head while breastfeeding. If the airline is truly using the woman's refusal to accept the blanket as the main reasoning behind the expulsion, it seems like a very weak case indeed. What a bunch of puritans.

This report made ME CRAZY. Is breastfeeding still such a shameful thing that it disturbs people on flights? Jeez-us. On a red eye, I had a stranger fall asleep ON ME with his skanky own pillow, after he removed his smelly sneakers to be more comfortable. Hello? Perhaps the flight staff would have preferred to have a screaming child for the whole flight so they could try to slip him some Benedril.

I signed. And I'm going to post the link, too. This story had me almost screaming, except that wouldn't be fair to the neighbors.

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