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November 22, 2006


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My mother was a bereivment counselor at a nusing home and this really reminds me of a book she kept in her office called "I love you forever", it's illustrated like a childrens book. If you can find it anywhere, I think you'd like it.

you're such a beautiful writer. i miss getting to read you with regularity!

happy thanksgiving. hope all is well with the in laws. really poignant story. did you post this before? i seem to remember reading it...

or am i imaging things?

What a beautiful post. It left me sobbing. My mother suffered a stroke 14 years ago and I have cared for her, while raising my family.
This brought me to tears,it was as if you looked into my soul and put what you saw into words.
thank you.

Wow. What a compelling story...thanks.

I'm sure you've seen this, but just in case!

Nursing Moms Rally at Airports
Wednesday, November 22, 2006 3:15 AM EST
The Associated Press

SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) — Carrying signs with slogans such as "Best in-flight meal ever," scores of mothers breast-fed their babies at airports around the country Tuesday in a show of support for a woman who was ordered off a plane for nursing her daughter without covering up.

"It's about raising consciousness about our culture's sexualization of the breast. Breast-feeding needs to be supported wherever and whenever it happens. Babies don't know the meaning of `wait,'" said Chelsea Clark, 31, wearing a "Got breast milk?" T-shirt as she nursed her 9-week-old son at the Burlington airport.

About 25 women turned out for the "nurse-in" at the airport, parking themselves near a ticket counter in a peaceful — but not-so-quiet — demonstration. Similar protests were held at airports in Boston; Las Vegas; Columbus, Ohio; Nashville, Tenn.; Harrisburg, Pa.; Hartford, Conn.; Albuquerque, N.M.; and Louisville, Ky.

Some of the women carried signs that read, "Don't be lactose intolerant" and "Breasts — Not just for selling cars anymore."

On Oct. 13, Emily Gillette, 27, of Santa Fe, N.M., was ordered off a Freedom Airlines plane about to take off from the Burlington airport after a flight attendant asked her to cover up while she was breast-feeding her year-old daughter.

She had been sitting on the New York-bound plane — which was three hours late in leaving — when she began nursing. The flight attendant handed her a blanket, but she refused it. She was removed from the plane along with her husband and child.

The airline later disciplined the unidentified employee. But "lactivists" and women's rights supporters were outraged, and Gillette filed a complaint with the Vermont Human Rights Commission.

"It's a basic human thing that we are doing and we should be able to do it in public without being kicked off planes, without being told to sit in bathrooms," said Susan Parker, 30, who participated in a demonstration at Bradley International Airport near Hartford, Conn., along with 10-month-old daughter Anna.

Gillette herself joined about 30 women, children and fathers at the Albuquerque airport. "When women are harassed for breast-feeding, a woman can end up feeling ashamed and she shouldn't," she said, tears welling in her eyes.

A the Nashville airport, about 25 mothers, fathers and children took part in a demonstration, holding signs that said "Breast fed is best fed" and "Best in-flight meal ever." About 40 mothers nursed their babies at the Portland, Ore., airport.

Passers-by called out words of encouragement at the Columbus, Ohio, airport, where about a dozen women sat on benches and on the floor, some breast-feeding.

And seven mothers, five of them nursing, gathered near Delta gates at Las' Vegas' McCarran International Airport.

"When we hear someone has gone so far as to kick a nursing mother off a flight, it's terrible," said Tami Schlosser, 38, a lactation educator who counsels new mothers about breast feeding in southern Nevada.

But some passers-by disapproved of the protesters.

"I think you should be discreet," Nell Gaupel said upon seeing the demonstration in Louisville, Ky.

These words were so familiar to me...I knew I had read them somewhere before. I searched and then remembered...the writing activity and blog exchange a few months back. My god! It made such an impact on me the first time, I must have read it 15 times...and reading it this time, felt like a warm, snuggly blanket that just gets softer with time.

I love, love, love this post. I have to chime in...get this published!

Wow... it was powerful.

Sounds like something I could have read in "A Cup of Comfort: Mothers and Daughters" <---which BTW was a great compilation of short stories.

I'd submit it if I were you!

Now that is a beautiful, and sad, post. Very well written and so very emotional.

What a beautifully intriguing post. I love reading your thoughts, and today's is four stars... thank you.

Beautiful post!

lovely post, thank you.

Great post Kristen, very interesting and moving story.

I think maybe fiction is your medium (too). Holy shit.


Beautiful. Heart-wrenching.

You have a gift.

This post was riveting. What a stunning side of your writing you've just shared with us. Should be published. Immediately.

What a heartfelt story. Thanks for sharing.

You're an incredible writer.

I am calling my mom right now....
This was an amazing post.

Really beautiful.

Thanks for including me in the blog exchange, and for this fiction prompt. It made me realize that my literary muscles need more stretching...I'm out of practice and I used to write fiction regularly.

I just finished reading everyone's stories...and they ALL rocked! There are so many talented writers out there.

Man, you were meant to write fiction. That was beautiful.

Most excellent, K.

Wow, Kristen. That was amazing. Both you and Karen made me cry today.

And thank you, thank you for giving us these writing prompts today. I have gotten the most pleasure reading through (no, devouring) the blog exchange posts. And writing mine was so much fun too!

Wow. Just, wow. That was amazing - you have such great gifts. Thanks, also, for pointing me at those writing prompts to remind me to exercise myself, and for pointing me in the direction of those other great writers. Now to find a task for the monsters to do so I can read and write a bit....

Gulp. Your talent has touched my heart.

I can't think of anything to say but thank you. This is going to stay with me for a while.

Holy god, this really made me cry. Well done! This has been a great exchange, it's fun to see everyone stretching their creative muscles.

Bravo! I could see every detail in my minds eye. Beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful post. You're an amazing writer!

I'm not pregnant or PMS and I'm crying my eyes out! This story was amazing and touching. Makes me want to call my mother, and we have a tough relationship!

Beautifully well written. I actually cried at my desk, and I can't blame that one on these pregnancy hormones. Beautiful.

Amazing post, K. Thanks for pointing us to the prompts this month - it's been a great exercise for me, and I love reading what you and everyone else have done with them too.

Wow. If you hadn't said it was fiction, I would have assumed it was real- it was so vivid. It was beautiful!

Fictional or not, I'll bet it's someone's story, and it was beautiful and realistic. Everytime it started to take on a touch o' Hallmark, you'd throw in reality... a story hasn't made me tear up in quite some time. Thank you.

that's a whole lot o' talent for a blog post...

"She thought I didn't hear her. But I did. And I never stopped her."

Those are great lines. The mother/daughter song is touching on so many levels.

You have a knack for fiction, my friend. Beautiful as a song.

(Wish I'd been able to get around to this one. I miss this kind of creative writing...)

Ohmygosh, what an amazing piece of writing. I don't comment on your blog much, even though I read it regularly, because most of the time what you write just blows me away so much that I am lost for words. And I am a girl who is rarely lost for words!

This is such a magnificent portrayal of the essence of motherhood. I have an elderly mother (nearing her 80's) and I get very scared sometimes when I think of what the future might hold for us. So your post really hit home for me.

A beautiful tribute to motherhood. Thank you!

My mom is the person I love the most. You made me teary..
Thank you for this beautiful post...

Beautiful. I can't believe for a minute that you've ever not considered yourself a writer. :)

This post took my breath away. And put tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. What a beautiful tribute to your Mother.

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