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October 19, 2006


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You need to track down for Q a book called "The Tough Princess". It is about a princess who goes off and slays the damn dragon herself.

sorry, no author, the book is in storage back in California (I'm in the UK currently) waiting to be given to my first granddaughter because my girls actually got into a fight over who it really belonged to when we were packing and dividing things like children's books before I moved here. They were 19 and 22 at the time.

I must highly recommend a book that i found on www.lulu.com
my six year old and eight year old love it
not only is it magical but it has a moral behind the tale

I am going to buy it in book format for my neices and nephews as i cannot say how much this big kid enjoyed it

Two year olds...aren't they grand? Small bundles of energy and will. I post on them frequently. Here's a link that may be of interest to you:


And here is another on sharing, a difficult concept for little ones to understand:


Hope it helps and hang in there!

Hee-hee. I just did something very similar. I usually sit with my daughter and read one book before I leave her at preschool each morning, Yesterday she chose a Barbie book...entitled something like Barbie Loves Weddings. I was immediately infuriated. I mean, good holy lord, did you READ the title?!

So, I changed some words. Just a bit. It went a little somethin' like this: Barbie went to visit her friend. They talked about how much they loved school. Barbie and her friend were both very smart and read many books. Barbie found a beautiful dress at the store that she wore to her graduation from medical school. Barbie was very excited to be a doctor and help others. One time, all of Barbie's friends came to visit her (by this time I am surrounded by no less than 6 little preschool girls). Barbie's friends all love school very much. (I point at each character on the page) This friend is a lawyer; this friend is a chef; this friend is a writer, etc.

Although it was the end of the book, the crowd of little girls kept pointing excitedly and asking, "what is this friend? Is this girl the doctor? Does this girl wear her pretty clothes to school?"

Barbie be damned.

Let me know if the subliminal message work cause I have a few of my own I would like to try on my daughter. Amazing that at 2 years old they already know how to NOT listen to their Mama!

My close friend tells her 2 year old stories all the time when she needs him to listen. They are versions of "once upon a time there were two little bunnies. The one bunny had some toys and the other bunny wanted to share. The first bunny did not want to share, but realized it was more fun to play together than alone..." Her kid (a busy, excitable kid) eats it up. Stories are a great way to get kids to understand concepts that don't sink in via "do this, don't do that" kind of talk.

Heh! Yes, the "modelling good behavior" part--that's where I could use some help.

Sharing? prepare for a few more months/years of "sharing" being an alien concept. then, one day, it kicks in. If grudgingly.

And I thought this post professoring creativity was limited to blogging! The stories are great. I send subliminal messages to my kids in generic banter all the time (only because they are too old for bedtime stories). It's great you can make shit up to get your point across. Way to go!

I am ALL ABOUt the subliminal stuff. Every night when my child is sleeping, I whisper in his year, "You are the most wonderful boy in the world. You are the most wonderful boy. There ever was."

And then I add, "Do NOT have sex with skanky woman. Do NOT marry a woman your mommy doesn't like."

Wonder if it will work...

And PS.

This is therapist approved.

Well, by ME and my BFF (who happens to be a kickass child therapist).

Just in case you were wondering...

About the stories... not my friend.

Okay. Going now.

And PSS. If you don't think they work, my daughter now knows New Jersey (the locale of said "museum").

I love this!

let me know when you're free -- I'll hire you to come to Princess Thalia's house and tell her a few tales.

I love it! That is a really cute idea. Leah is obsessed with being a princess lately. Maybe I'll tell her stories about sharing and not throwing her toys to the dog LOL.

That is such a great idea. I'm totally using it. Thanks!

My dh tells these stories to our girls every night, complete with magical flying elephants and "lessons" in them too. I am going to steal the idea about not needing makeup and escaping by their wits.....

Oh I love that. Subliminal messages in the bedtime stories. I may be too late with Maya, but I can still give it a shot with Nata.

Although I find a bribe of jelly beans can go a long way.

You are indeed a brilliant mom! I will have to try this out on my little one when the time comes. AND, before she hears any Disney stories and starts to realize something is amiss here.

Still dig this idea. Still haven't used it. Maybe I'll give it a try tonight. On Tacy, I mean. King Kyle might just try it on Wicked Witch Julie.

Tater and Tot ~

Now THAT is brilliant.

I soooooo much want that book that I just googled it. A guy can dream, can't he?

Hmmm, very clever. I wonder if this would work on my husband, too.
...and the mighty king told his lovely queen, "Of course I'll do the laundry, oh beautiful queen, but only if you allow me the honor of unloading the dishwasher as well. And by the way, oh perfect mother, when was the last time you've had a few hours alone to have a massage?" To which the queen responded, "Oh kingly king, I knew we would live happily ever after." The end.

Too funny! I've just started the whole personalized story thing with my 20 month old...but hadn't gotten the idea to put in the subtle discipline messages in addition to the brave, smart, strong, blah blah blah. Very clever!

We've resorted to telling Little-E that maybe Princess "Whatever name E's Made up That Day" is "hiding in the bedroom".

Then, when Little-E runs expectantly to the bedroom in search of the magical princess, we pounce her and change her diaper before she knows what hit her.


Could you write a book for my kid incorporating why she shouldn't hit the dogs in the face with drumsticks or the cat with a hair brush? 'Cause I could use one right about now.

Geez...that's pretty good. I just manage "if you get out of your bed again, there are no shows tomorrow." I knew I was doing something wrong!

We LOVE the personalized story hour because it is so damn versatile. It helps if you can rhyme, which frankly, is my limited claim to fame.

Prince Snarky and brother Joe
Off to preschool they did go
Using the potty did not spoil it
And they decided to use the toilet

I thank GOD I was exposed to copious amounts of the muppets and Dr. Seuess when I was a kid.

What, you mean kids don't automatically listen to everything you say because you're the mom? I'm in trouble.

Hmmm... Jason. Not a bad idea.

"How to get your child to her vegetables" through bedtime stories might just be the next hot best seller!

I LOVED this post! I just hope I'm not too late to start using this technique on Rachel, who is 6, though she very firmly informed me this morning that she is no longer 6 1/2, but is 6 and 3/4.

Of course, at 6 3/4, she may figure out this brain-washing technique quickly!

Heh. The Pumpkin's turning 2 in a week, and we're feelin' you (well, except for the "jacked up on pregnancy hormones" part). ;)

So, now I'm just waiting for these "personalized for your child" storybooks to appear as a product on CMP. :)

Ha. I used a simliar technique to encourage my daughter to try new food. We read Green Eggs and Ham endlessly, with a lot of "He should just taste it. Maybe he'll like it"s thrown in along the way. She never had a clue I was brain-washing her.

ROFL! I know how you feel....

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