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October 14, 2006


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I did not know that Rochelle Moore wrote childrens books. Thanks for that. I have her other work which is self-help books.
How about the name Ayesha for a girl or Kyle for a boy?

I like the name and whats this about an anti racist site must check it out am also interested in looking up this book SNODVARK - I love the name
lol...keep up the good work

SNODVARK is a lovely childrens book and my grandchildrens love it I really think that a fairytale should teach children something as in the olden days

My 6 year old loves it when will the next book be out?

SNODVARK THE NAUGHTY DRAGON by Rochelle Moore sounds brilliant. How much is this to buy and when will be on amazon?
Just the type of story I look out for for my children

I saw your review about SNODVARK THE NAUGHTY DRAGON by Rochelle Moore and thought I would look it up on www.lulu.com. I downloaded it and I agree with you 100 per cent:

1- It is a magical childrens book
2- It is great value
3- You can buy it in book form
4- My kids love the story (have 3)
5- The moral IT IS OK TO BE DIFFERENT is a lovely ending
6 - Hope the author writes another one

thank you for your article as this is just the kind of story I like to tell my children


I just thought I would let you know that I downloaded an excellent book for children from www.lulu.com - will be on amazon shortly in book form

I have 4 kids and the reason that I particularly liked this (my kids love the baby dragon) is because as a parent the fairytale has a moral behind it

Excellent and highly recommended

I really enjoyed your article

I think this is so cute! Crayon...Chalk...what about Eraser?

I don't know, I think you should leave Chalk in the running. It sounds like one of those celeb baby names to me.

No butt wiping, that sounds almost too good to be true. Enjoy it.

Hello you beautiful thing... it's been ages since I dropped by....
Chalk and Crayon are both excellent choices. I hope you have short-listed them!
I too LOVE Sedaris! Bloody funny... and NPR man had me laughing too.
Let us have a blow by blow (ugh hopefully you don't have to do that) of your weekend asap...

Dude. Pregnant sex ROCKS. Then tell him you're having mild contractions and had BETTER GO TO BED, just to be safe, and give him directions to the diaper pail.

Just my 2 cents.

Hell yeah, diaper changing wins out over sex any day!

Ahh, a diaper free weekend!!! Glad to hear that your hubby is there to give you some well deserved time off. Looking forward to devoting more time to the Anti Racist Parent during footbal tomorrow... :)

Maybe she was saying "Chuck"? Now there's a name you don't hear anymore.

Hope you're having a great, no butt-wiping weekend!

have a lovely weekend!

I kept telling my daughters "you don't get to choose brother or sister like you can choose french fries or onion rings!"

LOL at the names. very cute.

I like Chalk! I mean, when you think about it, is it really that far off from "Clay?"

Cute parent hack idea. Although, I liked the kid in the cage idea more! *LOL*

More importantly, enjoy the diaper free weekend! (And a little time with the hubby)

My friend's 3-year old dubbed their new baby to be "Garlic Toast".

I'm digging the Anti-Racist Parent site too. And Q is very creative. All these parents out there, going for unusual names and just ending up with a bunch of Ks and Ys where they shouldn't be - they'd be well advised to just chose an everyday noun that they like.

Hey, thanks for that link. That's great!

I love your candor! Have a great diaper free weekend. I just popped over to Anti Racist parent. Thanks for pointing the way. This site is great. I can't wait to really dig in. I just might have to spread the word as well. Thanks!

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