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August 10, 2006


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No you're not alone! My daughter eats carpet, hair, fuzz and or anything that is related to the feel of these things. I noticed it when she was maybe 10 months old but thought nothing of it as all little kids put things in their mouths. By the age of 4 she had her first bowel obstruction where she had surgery and was left with a scar on her tummy. She continued to do it still, and even with a close eye out, she still managed to get into more trouble with this problem as she had another surgery at the age of 7. Now she still has the same issue and it appears to be getting WORSE, and i'm sure she's headed for a third surgery probably sooner than later. I have tried psychs and medicines and now i'm going to try admitting her to a behavorior center for this, im all tapped out with this Pica disorder crap and it's becoming more and more stressful for me as a single mom.

My son eats fuzz and sticks it in his nose and rubs it on his face. As soon as I see him I tell him to drop it or spit it out and he does but he goes right back to picking it. I've even taken away his favorite blanket because of this

My son (22 months) is also preoccupied with eating dirt, putting rocks in his mouth and licking our stone fireplace! I think I might have to try the multivitamin too. I am completely frustrated. The weather is beautiful and I go crazy every time we leave the house because within minutes he has a mouthful of dirt or rocks and will not spit it out.

Im starting to really worry about my little girl she is 18 months and for the last 10 months she has been eating carpet hair and fuzz. She knows its bad because she gets in trouble for it but she just will not stop.

My 2 yr old has eaten fuzz since his first teeth came in and he will eat it off of anything blankets carpet towels, we heard from our neighbor that one of their relatives had a little girl who ate fuzz all the time, she got really sick when she was about 6 yrs old and the doctors couldn't figure out why, then they realized all the fuzz she has eaten fused together in here intestines and was blocking anything from going through, i am not trying to scare you b/c i have asked my doctor and everyone else i know what to do, my doctor said try to keep him from fuzz, well i never knew there was so much fuzz around until i tried to keep it away from him, it's very hard, nothing i have tried works so if you find anything let me know!

My 2 and a half year old also eats fuzz and we can't get her to stop it. She tears the fuzz off of blankets clothes, stuffed animals any fuzz she can find. If you get your child to stop eating fuzz let me know, I too would like her to stop before she goes to school.

I will have to try the vitamin thing and see if it makes a difference. It seems to be a self soothing behaviour becuase he will often pull it up and chew on the fuzz when he is crying or upset about something. He also managed to eat quite a bit of my hair when I was going through my postpartum shed from my second son.

At the beginning of this spring my daughter started eating dirt by the fists full and it drove me nuts. She would constantly have the dirt drool and it was just gross. I had no idea what to do, I talked to her pediatrician who just told me she would grow out of it and other mom's but really no one had any advice. So I started giving her a daily multivitamin and after about a week of the vitamin she stopped eating dirt, but if I forget to give her the vitamin she's right back to eating the dirt!

Gawsh. I wish Lily would eat something other than chicken and Cheerios. Maybe not carpet, but some bug is at least protein right...She won't put anything in her mouth especially new foods. If it's not the regulars...she won't touch it.

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