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August 29, 2006


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Emily does this too. At age 8. Until we both say
"Got to Sleep before we beat your ass!!!"

Feel the love

And you just wait and wait and wait. My second daughter would never go to bed. She thought she would miss something, that something magical would occur, that the dancing fairies and flowers would walk through the walls and a huge party would occur.

She is 21 and I think a part of her is still waiting... sigh.

Just when you want to murder them, they say it. And since we wait almost two years with some kids to hear it. we can't hear it enough. And somehow they know that.

Oh GOd. I hate when that happens!

She took a page out of my son's song book. He would totally pour on the sugar as the #1 sleep avoidance tactic. Now he just uses it for everything he wants.

JUST got WonderBaby down. THREE HOURS of effort; likely only 40 minutes of reward.

But, yes, the fat little hands reaching up for me and the sweet little voice chirping mama mama...


No matter how many times I hear Grace say those words to me, m heart gets all fluttery and my eyes tear up. I just love it, even the 346th time as I am trying to put her to bed.

Oy! Right now I can nurse him to sleep - I'm not looking forward to the say that ends...

Oh, and my family is embarking on an important little journey...fundraising for cancer...


Yeah, I've definitely been there. 'I love you, but I'd love you even more if you were sleeping!'.

Yeah. Just yeah.

My little girl is just starting to talk, and I can't wait to hear those words!

Hope she falls asleep a little quicker today!

I feel you. Plus I get the same thing at night. I just let her stay up and watch TV.

Cause I kinda suck...and I'm tired.

it must be something in the water, or maybe the air, because our bedtime total waiting-for-the-peanut-to-fall-asleep time last night was roughly an hour and 15 minutes.

Oh dear. I hope she's asleep by now.

Oh, I've got one of these, too! Took me 67 minutes to get her to bed tonight and she had to fall asleep ON TOP of me.

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