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August 16, 2006


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I am impressed you made it to Quinn being two before you did that. Don't feel bad, we all do it. In fact enjoy it, because it only works for a short amount of time. Plus it is August....we're getting close to Christmas.

Hey, you gotta use what works. My guy still believes completely and utterly in Santa at seven, and I will totally use it if I must.

at my house we just use the no fruit snack threat....i haven't even thought of using santa to help my son behave! the possibilities are endless!

I think that is a great bargaining chip for parents. My parents used it on me and I was not scarred for life, well not from that anyway!

I'm trying to hard not to laugh because then Tacy will ask what's funny and I don't want to blow this fabulous bargaining tool you've just given me.

LOL. I've called Santa on my cell before. "Oh, HI, Santa! Yes, Julia's not being a very nice girl. Okay, I'll tell her you're taking her off of your list if she doesn't smarten up...okay, bye bye, Santa!"

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