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August 14, 2006


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Millicent / Milly for short or Alicia for a girl and Aubrey for a boy. I love Lily and Ruby, but they didn't match our surname. I ended up with a Georgia, Chelsea and a Benjamin

I am a little late to this post but my daughter's name is Cecelia and we call her Cece as a nickname.

Beautiful! :)

We wanted a nice normal but not boring name for our girl and had the HARDEST time deciding. Everything I would choose, Hub would say, "Gross. No way!" and everything he would choose, I would say, "Great, if she were an 83 year old great grandma from the Bronx!" Then one day we were driving in the car and he picked up an Alison Krauss CD to put it in the player and said, "Hey, what about Alison?" I had never thought of that before, and after trying it on for a couple days, we agreed on Alison Noelle. But we won't even get into the howtospellit fight we had. Ugh. I like the name because we can shorten it to Ali, but she still has a nice name to use professionally when she gets older. (wait..use professionally...sounds like I was describing a stripper! Do you know any strippers named Alison? Anybody?!)

I have not read all these other comments (no time right now!) but I love to think about names, so here are my two back-up names I'll never use (first and middle):

boy: Lawrence Sullivan

girl: Aubrey Katherine (I have a great-grandad who was an Aubrey)

I also love Violet.

My advice is to have a name that would sound appropriate for a President of the United States---cause ya never know where your kids will go in life. Also, have a name with nickname options---I have always liked having a name that is "business" and one more familiar.

And check out the top 25 for the past few years----I think nothing is worse than having a name that three other kids in the class have (unless it's a name that sounds like a hooker or a off-the-wall spelling). I'm a Jennifer/Jenny, so I speak from experience.

Picking names was probably one of the ONLY things that I loved about being pregnant. I have three books if you want them.

Boys Names

Andrew Christopher (Andrew is my hubby's name so I'm a little biased)
Matthew Richard
Matthew Christopher
Theodore Michael
Nicholas Anthony
Cameron Matthew
Demetrius Phillipe
(I have so many more)

Girls Name

Erin Nicole
Caroline Renee
Amanda Michelle
Katrina Renee
*Kristina Brooke*
Alana Nicole
Stephanie Marie
Melinda Brooke
Rebecca Marie
Anne Marie

(Again, I have so many more)

This is fun!!!!

My husband and I went through great pains in choosing a name when I was pregnant. Literally, his grandfathers deathbed wish was to carry on his name, so if it was a boy, that was easy, John IV, but the girl name was almost impossible. We finally settled on Logan Kailana if it was a girl since all the other girl names I came up with were the same names as girls he had once dated! And since we're not having any more babies, feel free to name steal!

Well, you can have the female name that would have been bestowed on Lil Joe if he had been a girl- Julia Rose. I wanted "Julius" for a boy, because it is a family name that I like, but Hubby would not use it. He wanted Erich, but only if we did the proper German spitty-sound for the "ch". We finally settled on Joe, which is a relief. I also like Annabeth for a girl, or Scout (since I've seen "To Kill a Mockingbird" about a thousand times).

I had a distant cousin named King. I also kind of like Van (short for Sullivan, perhaps) and Blaise for boys.

"Merritt" is my current fave. I also like "Dinah"

Here is an unusual name that absolutely no one liked but I thought was cute; you can use it since I had to name my baby something else. It is Hula. We live in Hawaii so I thought it fitting. Well my husband said if I could find one person who liked it... Our girl is named Charlotte.

On a more normal note Maya May is cute too.

My husband and I haven't agreed upon a name yet (despite having not 1, but 2 baby name books). But here's a few that you might like based on your criteria.

Boy: Jackson, Hunter, Elliot, Oliver, Tate (one syllable, but cute), Owen, Henry
Girls: Olivia, Daisy, Blythe, Alana, Fiona, Audrey

I like Finley and Harper for a girl

I like Finley and Harper for a girl

Don't buy a book!!! There is a great website with 1000s of names, and it is FREE!!!


It gives the names (sorted by sex) and their meaning (if that matters to you)...

I love this part--so fun. I love the book Cool Baby Names, as suggested above. Also check out The Baby Name Wizard--a really good resource. It gives you sibling names for names you already have or like. I like it so much that I actually bought it after I had my second (and final) child. Quinlan isn't listed, but for Quinn the recommendations are:

Girl: Logan, Maeve, India, Kiley, Annika
Boy: Reece, Griffin, Brice, Reid, Donovan

and...my daughter's name is Joanna and we call her Josie.

oh and for us we dont actually choose THE name until we meet the baby. We go in with an agreed upon list. Thouhg with MIra the list went out the window when i saw her and KNEW her name was Mira Eve (said like miracle) despite troy not being to fond of it. It grew on him so fully and completely he refuses to acknowledge he was EVER rooting for Giana Bwhahahaha

The list is a necessity for me though b/c what if I'm way loopy on meds and try to name the kid? BAD BAD things could happen

Oh and I love Audrey - except that's my mom's name... and we'd prefer to avoid any crazy sh*t from the inlaws...

Expecting our first, we've purchased a name book at a used book store and borrowed several from the library. One you might like: Cool Baby Names. We started a list of names we could both "live with" and will continue to add and subtract from it until we need to name the baby. Maybe this is why we have nine months of pregnancy?

When I was pregnant with my son, my husband set up a data-base that we each had access to. We were a ble to add names for first, middle, boy and girl. We could rate the names that were there and the data-base put together lists of the top ten names. That being said we didn't decided on a first name until just before I went to the hospital.

There are a number of really good name sites on the web with origins and meaning. We were looking for an Irish name, but there were lots of different origins on most sites. They are done alphabetically for the most part.

Good luck!

ok wow, i just reread what I wrote and i sound so overly dramatic BWHAHAHHAA these pregnancy hormones are such a trip. I'm going to go eat left over spicey orange beef, some seafood puffs and finish it off with something sugary MMMMM cravings ROCK

ps overly dramatic as i sound she just REALLY has repeatedly pissed me off over the name stealing. it's one thing when an aquaintance who lives hundreds of miles from you shares a name with your kid but its another when your best mommy friend keeps deliberatly twisting the knife AND wont even fess up to doing it! (drama drama!)

Girl- Lila or Sydney
Boy- Madden

My favorites are Lilly or Lilliana (no Lillians). You are welcome to "steal" it because odds are we are not having any more children and, even if we did, I am destined to produce only boys.

I have a Juliana and a Charlotte. We like girly names, obviously! How about Kendall or Elise?
Take care,
Kelly Reising
(Go-To Mom Hair & Makeup)

My two faves: Lily (my daughter's name) and Charlie... Feel free to 'steal'...I wouldn't blame ya' I think they're great names!

I love Juliana. I also like Joanna too - very classic and cute.

We're thinking about Margot - however, I'm thinking this one is a boy...

boy: hayden
girl: zoe

Look back through both family's histories and try to find a good family name. We also did what Kelly suggested and made lists and then crossed off the ones we did not like and finally came up with something that was perfect. It can be frustrating though.

teehee! thanks for the linky love, i plan on picking up M, N , O , P and Q tomorrow.

So the name stealing issue, i'm pretty sure i can share this story here and be "safe"

I have a friend whom I love dearly who stole her daughters name from me and NOW she is trying to take one of my favorite boys names.

Her daughters name is juliana, The Hubster and I saw mira for the 1st time on september 11th, one of the 2 children lost on the planes was name julianna. It was not the name for Mira but was under consideration for Tessa since The Hubster also had a dear auntie named Julia and his dead mother's middle name was anne. This friend shocked me by announcing 1/2 way into the pregnancy that this name which i had discussed so in depth with her was to be the name of her future girl which was due a few weeks after mine. I was sad but just let it go. Then she announces to me that she want to name her current baby Jude if it is a boy (she is due 4 months ahead of me this time) and i got MAD. I pointed out that she had already stolen juliana from me and she claimed to have no knowledge of ever having done such a thing. I had discussed Jude with her too prior to either of us being pregnant and suddenly BAM. She poo pooed one of the names she REALLY liked b/c a distant cousin named her son that but when I said WAIT! That's MY boy name she said "well we can BOTH have a Jude"... WHAT???????

So that's my story on name stealing and how with close friends it can really be hurtful and tear your guts out... furthermore she already tears my guts out b/c her oldest son was born on my 1st miscarriage's due date and now baby number 3 could quite possibly make an appearance that day too... knife.though.my heart.times.4

We, too, did the "Yeah, if she's a hooker" and the "Yeah, if he's a porn star" thing. It's hard! I love the name Quinlan - great choice! We have two girl names chosen for the next baby (not yet!) but NO boy names even after going through the 50 000 plus names in books and on the net. We used the ONLY one we both liked for the son we've alredy got. We'd better have a girl, right?

How about Macey for a girl? Goes nicely with Q.

I can't recommend names as the only names I could are names we're using and I don't wanna share til the Little emerges. However, with #1 we bought a 93K baby names book and each of us, separately, went through and picked out/arranged first/middle names that we liked, then went over each other's lists and cancelled the ones we didn't like then organized the remaining names from favourite to least favourite (group effort, that last bit). It worked fantastically and set us up to have 5 boys and 5 girls (should hell ever freeze over) without name worries. I highly recommend the book idea (tedious as the process can be).

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